My Boyfriend’s Friend Is Trying His Best To Ruin My Relationship.

How can a friend wish to ruin my relationship? I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for some years now and we will soon get married. We are very cool. I mean very cool even though there are misunderstandings sometimes but it’s not the problem here. He has a friend who goes around, giving him information about me and trying to ruin my relationship. Initially, I didn’t know he was the one until one day he told me it was that particular friend. This guy will see me in town, and call my boyfriend to tell him about it.

We are in a new site so before I go out it’s either because of church, market or going to my parent’s shop. He saw a male friend of mine posting me on his status and in the next minute, he showed the picture to my boyfriend. My boyfriend also called to ask whether someone posted me and I admitted it because I don’t see anything wrong with someone posting my picture on his status.

Ruining My Relationship

I called my friend to ask if someone commented on that pic he posted because I wanted to know how my boyfriend found out. It wouldn’t have been of interest to me but it’s all because of how my boyfriend approached it. So my friend told me it was one guy who asked him that “your woman that?” and he said no, she is just a good friend of mine. Upon hearing the name, I realized it was my guy’s friend. That same guy.

So I got angry and really wanted him to stay out of my way because he has been on my nerves for long. My friend cooled me down and asked that he would call him so that we make a conference call and hear his side of the story. This guy talked plenty and said he will not even visit my guy again. That’s quite funny because by then, he was relying on my guy since he stopped working.

Ruining My Relationship
Ruining My Relationship

Months after, my guy told me about how I went to do a conference call and that the guy has told him everything. I kept quiet because I know nothing I will say will make him believe me. Recently I had a misunderstanding with my guy which I was supposed to even get angry but I rather apologized just to make things work. To my surprise, my guy was angry not because of the current issue but because he heard I went out with “my boyfriend” according to him.

So I asked which boyfriend is that? Because the very place you are talking about is a place that I went with a group of people. It was supposed to be 3 girls are 2 boys but the other two lady didn’t come because it rained. He later said the person who saw me was surprised because these guys were guys who sleep with girls and leave them. So I was like how?

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Anonymous Tales

One guy is my childhood lost friend who has been helpful for years now. It’s been long since I saw him. He came with a friend in his house. Last last I realized it’s this same guy who has gone to tell lies to my boyfriend. This gossip recently met my friend who posted me and told him about the investigations he run on his ex.

Ruining My Relationship

He didn’t know they were exes now so he thought giving the information will be of help. He went ahead to say girls can’t be trusted that is why he is still single. Immediately my friend told him that they are no more. I have come to realize that this is what the guy does. Putting his nose into people’s affairs and ruining relationships.

The hearing of his name alone pisses me off. He nearly ruined my relationship because of his lies. What do I do now? I have spoken to my guy about listening to other people’s views without hearing my side of the story. Want to put some sense into that guy but how can I do that? I don’t want to lose my relationship all because of this so called friend of his.

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