Romeo and Juliet: The Last Round That Sent Her Away.

I had my first serious relationship in shs-2. It took me a long time to win this girl so I really loved her. After Secondary school, she finally trusted me enough and offered me herself(hope you understand).

She was a virgin and I happily broke her. I swear! She means everything to me, I really want to marry her. We became so attached to each other. We couldn’t go a day without seeing each other. I was living with my parents. I hadn’t start doing any work nor even made complains to further my education yet because my parents couldn’t afford it.

Unlike me, she had everything. Her Dad is the head pastor of a popular church and they can afford any tertiary institution. Her dad wanted her to fly abroad to live with an uncle and further her education. She couldn’t say ‘No’ hence, we had to use the time we had left wisely.

Romeo and Juliet: The Last Round That Sent Her Away.
Romeo and Juliet: The Last Round That Sent Her Away.

I didn’t have a place nor friends whose rooms I could take my girl to for sex. Every second we spend together, we are horny! All we did was have sex. We had sex at the most inconvenient places. Uncompleted buildings, back of houses, in bushes, the beach, washrooms in malls and banks, parks, schools and even fitting shops. We were enjoying ourselves. We had eyes like the eagle. We acted smart and swift though we were caught and suspected on a few occasions. We always deny or ran and not go to that spot for a while.

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For almost two months, we were living our lives this way. Our parents, hers especially were worried the most because she went out too often and would not take ‘NO’ for an answer. We got caught by a group of military men in the bush inside a barracks where we often go to do it. We were lashed, I mean I was really beaten as if I was screwing myself. After sometime, they freed us. As if we would learn our lesson, we decided to change method.

Romeo and Juliet: The Last Round That Sent Her Away.
Romeo and Juliet: The Last Round That Sent Her Away.

We took a decision to do it in our room. My mom used to sell at night at a joint pretty far from home. I use to go and assist but after the decision, I decided to stop with the excuse of securing a teaching job which I will start in a week so I have to start learning for it. My Dad doesn’t return home early, sometimes he even comes after my mom who returns at earliest 10pm.

So this girl comes all the way from Nungua almost four times weekly for us to use our room [Home alone]. It wasn’t long, just the second week and our land lady reported her observation to my dad. I wish I knew how she did it because I tried as much to avoid anyone from seeing her enter the room so I don’t know how that witch managed to see us.

I think they agreed that, she calls him immediately the girl enters the room. That empowered the watch dog, knowing how ferocious my dad could be. That faithful Wednesday, we agreed that she comes early so we can spend some more time together. Mom left home at almost 4pm to the roadside and by 5pm, she was in. Pretty sure the landlady was peeping through the window. No one comes to look for us at that time of the day because everyone knows we go to the roadside. When I heard the knock on the door, I didn’t bother to ask who, I thought it was someone from the house who needs something. I left the girl on the bed naked, my parents matrimonial bed-naked to open my dad, wish I knew it was him.

Immediately I saw his face, I tried shutting the door but he pushed back, oh yeah. We used our strengths. I was pushing to close; he was pushing to open. We were doing the push and pull while the girl was dressing too with speed. My dad was really shouting and saying all sort of things. A neighbour helped and they forced the door open.
I know my dad to be very aggressive when angry but to beat me with his hands the way he did that day alongside someone’s daughter, I knew I had a crazy father.

Romeo and Juliet: The Last Round That Sent Her Away.
Romeo and Juliet: The Last Round That Sent Her Away.

What this man did to my face alone was a shame. I gathered all the strength I could, grabbed him and made my girl ran away. I followed later but couldn’t find her. I came home to meet my things outside and our phones smashed to pieces. I picked my things, our sim cards and left home angry. I couldn’t stay either because I am ashamed. Though young, I was respected by many in our area. I couldn’t walk around with such shame.

The problem is, I never heard from her again. I tried reaching her by every means but to no avail. I went to her house to return the sim card and was told she has left. I waited for almost four years, tried to maintained all my social media accounts but, she never contacted nor even see my messages. It’s been nine years; I am still searching / waiting for her. I love her, she is my first and only love. I have vowed to only go back home to my parents when I find her. If I don’t see her, my parents nor relatives will see me. I am alone in this world. I miss my family, I am sure my dad is looking everywhere for me, he has probably regretted but, where is my love. Please help me. I need your advice.

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