“Restaurant Romance Story” – Man Sees Beautiful Waitress And Immediately Falls in Love.

A young Nigerian man in Port Harcourt could not resist the beauty of the waitress at the restaurant he visited to eat. People said that instead of the secret recording he made of the lady’s face, he could have just talked to her.

Social media users who had visited the same restaurant said that they know the waitress in the video. A man, @just_1_roland, who went to a restaurant to have a meal got carried away by one of the waitresses’ beauty and he just had to capture it on his phone.

While seating at a place in the eatery, the man zoomed in on the lady’s face to show people how pretty she looked. He said he was in love with her already. Some people told the man to tell her how he feels.

Beautiful waitress gets man’s attention Many people in his comment section agreed with him that the lady is very pretty. Some social media users asked him to approach her and tell her his feelings. While the secret recording was going on, the lady stood behind the counter, going about her duties.

Watch The Video HERE

As at the time of writing this report, the video has over 900 comments with more than 70,000 likes. Below are some of the reactions:

sommy~wire said: “Walk up to her.”
B said: “Omo her beauty is exquisite.”

Ella said: “I really went to check for her in two Kilimanjaro’s before I saw her at festac.” Echefunachi said: “If u order for something like 10times she go understand.”

lulian said: “Imagine say her serious boyfriend come see this video.”
A’isha_amal said: “Divine iroegbu. my secondary school class mate! She’s cool.” abun bun baby said: “I guess. This is Kilimanjaro the one at owerri…. fine fine girls full there.”

omodano said: “Go and meet her na. Nothing do you senior man.”

Mide_gold2 said: “He be like say me self go go work for Kilimanjaro, maybe I go get bf self.” Omobamidele said: “E reach to chop like 9 times and still dey hungry.”

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