25 Relationship Questions To Start A Great Conversation 

Great conversation starters to build a lasting bond. Here is a guide to great relationship questions to ask.

I’m so guilty of forgetting things that I want to say whenever I’m with my partner(ex)lol. I know I have a lot of exciting news to tell her… but when the time finally comes when we’re alone… my mind goes blank! Ugh…

You’ve been together for years, and your conversations are great, but sometimes there’s that awkward silence, (not that awkward silences are a bad thing) but you want to keep the conversation going! Then I’ve come up with an idea, well actually… i had help from ex counting backwards 3 relationships , she suggested that I write down what I wanted to tell her so that It’s all there when I need it.

Relationship Questions


But what if nothing really interesting happened during the day?

There are tons of great questions to bring up with your partner that can spark a fun, intellectual or meaningful conversation to help the two of you build a stronger bond.

An article in Psychology Today tells us the best way to “maintain a strong relationship” is to keep communication as the key factor in our relationships. They highlight that “constant care and communication” is needed.

This makes sense.

I remember just the other day talking about how easy it is to become complacent in a relationship.

It’s easy to be lazy, especially when you feel pretty confident in your bond.

So now I put notes on my phone of things I want to tell her, or funny stories I want to share, or questions I want to ask. I’ve titled my list ‘funny stories for conversation’.

So if you’re ready to spark up that conversation aspect of your relationship, here are some interesting and fun questions to bring up and get to know more about your partner and strengthen that bond!

Relationship Questions

Here Is Your Top 25 Relationship Questions

How was your day? (most recommended)

What was the best advice you’ve ever received? Who was it from?

What is one of the greatest life lessons you’ve learned?

Name one deal-breaker in any kind of relationship.

What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

What is the one thing that bothers you about other couples?

How would you want to improve yourself?

What is your greatest fear?

What was your biggest regret?

Name the one major hindrance in your life that kept you from achieving something.

What is your greatest aspiration?

How can I help if you’re having a bad day?

What’s your idea of a ‘perfect day’?

What was the deciding factor in ending your last relationship?

When was your favorite life moment?

What’s one area you think I could improve on in our relationship?

Can you be friends with an ex?

What is your all-time favorite song? Why?

If you could live anywhere in the world, and money or time was not an issue, where would it be?

If you could take one personal item with you when you die, what would that be?

Would you re-live your life? Would you choose another life? What would you do differently?

Name one person, dead or alive that you would want to meet? Why?

What do you consider the most important foundation for a relationship to work?

What is your one guilty pleasure?

How would you improve the world?

Relationship Questions
Relationship Questions

Building a bond and learning more about your partner is ideal when the timing is right. Make sure the ambiance is nice and the mood is light and fun.

And most importantly… don’t be judgemental because it could close that door forever.

Playfulness in a relationship is so important, it builds not only bonding, but increasing communication and trust will help for future conflict resolution.

Every relationship requires effort, but that effort doesn’t need to be a chore! Fun questions and a little playfulness don’t require effort at all, these are simple and light-hearted ways to build a more trusting and intimate bond with your loved one.

Take time for each other and enjoy getting to know them.

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