Reactions As Friends Show Up at Party Dressed As Popular Memes

A creative group of friends showed up at a party dressed as popular internet memes, and the tweeps absolutely adored it. Each person picked a snap that was memorable to them and tried their best to duplicate it, some more convincing than others. Twitter peeps adored the immensely imaginative and simple costumes and wanted to do the same thing with their friends.

A group of friends showed up at a party dressed as cool and popular memes, drawing praise from Twitter peeps who were jealous and wished they could do the same. Some friends went to a party dressed as popular memes, and tweeps wished they could do the same.

@LeagoPapo shared the snaps online, and they spread like wildfire. The Twitter post received tens of thousands of retweets and positive comments from impressed peeps. The caption highlights the theme quite well: “Come dressed as a meme” Ayt bet .

The meme choice was impressive and somewhat obscure. Most peeps would have at least come across one of the memes, but others might be confused folks. Another positive about this idea is how cheap it is to dress up as one of the pictures shown.

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Peeps across Twitter and worldwide couldn’t help but obsess over the idea. See the responses below:

@sganandah said: “ATE!!! My fear is doing this challenge and have to explain to people which meme is it coz no one is seeing it. Then everyone screams ohhhhhhhhh, but still not seeing it (just to make you feel better.)”

@Blackbohemian mentioned: “Yoh I need more friends ”

@tesla_reacts posted: @Shalatheunicorn commented: “My only regret in life is that I was not invited to this.”
@Cecilia_Mthwane mentioned: “I need to connect with more friends ”

@b_phefo shared: @nthabi_miss said: “I think I lost my invite in the mail ”

@JackDevero commented: “What a dope theme”

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