Pregnant wife screams and runs out of bathroom as husband overhears her phone convo

A pregnant woman shocked her husband after he overheard her conversation with a friend.

Apparently, the young wife was gisting with a friend about men, and in the process, she dragged her husband.

The young woman claimed men cannot be trusted because they always cheat, including her husband. She referred to her husband as a ‘devil’ while disclosing how she always watches him with her side eye.

Her husband was surprised to hear her conversation and he quickly interrupted. As soon as she saw her husband, she fled the scene.

Social media reactions

@jeffgoldblum95 said: “Me and my best friend talking about our long term partners.”

@julielubz wrote: “You guys always make me smile. Thanks, I wish you a safe delivery darling.”

@may_bnot_max commented: “As a mixed kid my mom talked like this about my dad but she made it seem as if she was joking so he would ignore her.”

@miss_shal_yu reacted: “I be married and say stuff like this to support my baddies going through it all.”

@maddieforyouuuu added: “This why you gotta shut the door and go to the other side of the house so they don’t hear.”

@valientefleur commented: “Lol look you proving her point snooping around the house filming while she indecent devils all of of you.”

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