Popular Dancer, Korra Obidi Shows Off Her Dance Skills In New Video Online

Korra Obidi is a famous dancer, singer and media personality. A few hours ago, the attractive woman, who is well-known for her unique dancing skills and amazing sense of style, recently shared a video of herself to her followers to show off her dance skills.

She frequently shares photos of her dancing and happy travel experiences with her fans on social media; this time, she did so while dancing enthusiastically and arriving in a sleeveless black top and denim booty short.

Her fans are proud of her dancing abilities as she continues to represent and promote a favorable picture of Nigeria to the outside world.

She can be seen dancing in the video with her natural hair well styled, expertly done makeup, and jewelry to accentuate her pristine beauty.

Additionally, she appeared to dance really well while wearing her bum shorts.

The video link is shown HERE;

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