Polyamorous Couple Excited to Have Baby With GF, Netizens in Sheer Disbelief

A polyamorous couple was excited to announce they were having a baby with their girlfriend, melting minds worldwide. The way of life the individuals live is immensely unconventional compared to the conventional relationships found in everyday life.

Netizens across the world couldn’t comprehend their love and many Americans had a lot to say about it. A polyamorous couple shocked peeps worldwide by announcing they were having a baby with their girlfriend.

A polyamorous couple announced they were having a baby with their girlfriend in a viral TikTok, shocking peps everywhere. @cliquebaittv5 posted the video on TikTok, where it quickly went viral. The account also uploaded another video explaining the relationship the three had, which received a whopping 23 million views on the platform.

The clip intrigued peeps worldwide with the type of relationship the three had. Polyamorous relationships, according to Women’s Health Magazine, involve an ethical non-monogamous relationship where the partners are allowed to date outside themselves.

In the video, the pregnant and happy woman states that she’s pregnant with her husband’s child while their girlfriend stands on the side. She ends the video by saying it’s all okay because they are dating the woman.

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The unconventional nature of the bond the three have has fascinated the world, with many being curious while others were just outright appalled by it. See the comments below:

Cookie’s Candle Crafts said: “I’m sorry for the comments. Absolutely beautiful family. People forget how unsuccessful monogamy is ” ⋆ mentioned: “My brain isn’t braining.”

kylegreenham commented: “Like this trio is actually going to work long term.”

Christos1973@ shared: “If this can and does work for them, why not? ”

Freya posted: “What would she be to the baby?” Младен Чилингиров said: “I want to see the husband’s reaction if the wife wants to get a boyfriend.”

user2677242859956 mentioned: “No my jealousy could never ”

Viktorija posted: “Hahawhy always gf? let’s try boyfriend”.

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