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“Please Leave My Husband Alone, I’m Pregnant for Him”: Video of Wife Crying and Begging Lady Stirs Reactions

A Nigerian lady has put pride aside as she went online to cry over another lady, Mutiat, taking her husband from her. In a state of grief and with tears running down her cheeks, she said that she is already pregnant for the man.

Many social media users who watched her video advised her to move on as no relationship is worth weeping for. A young Nigerian lady, @useroyintomiwabab2, has gone online in tears to beg one Mutiat to leave her husband alone. With tears in her eyes, the lady kept begging Mutiat to let her hubby go, saying she is already pregnant for the man. Many people advised her to forget about the relationship.

She asked people to beg the other lady on her behalf, revealing that the responsibility of carrying a child has not been easy for her. The woman revealed the husband rejected the pregnancy. Many people who were in her comment section found it funny that anybody would cry for a man in such a manner.

Watch the video HERE

As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 700 comments with close to 10,000 likes. Anonymous Tales compiled some of the reactions below:

omothorlani said: “Pregnant way everybody dey smile, when dey get pregnant, he reach ur turn you turn it to pregnant crying.”

caramelprim said: “This ur husband don go, forget it otilo.”

_Bby said: “I’m just coming back from mutiat page, omoo I see like 3 videos of 3 different relationships for there oo.”

Slimnimipearl said: “Mutiat why nah,but u self for hold ur husband well nah.”

omolaraomolara858 said: “Go and work u will forget about ur boyfriend.”
Funbi said: “Iyale mutiat make I tell you you husband ehn otilo but mutiat why now ko funny oo.”

baddieee606 said: “Y’all should leave her alone she fighting for what hers in a way she can.”

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