Part 1: My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Her Ex Boyfriend With Me.

In 2017, after my HND, I came to live with my senior brother at Nungua while I was having my Internship at one of Accra Radio Stations.
By then my little sister was at Nungua SHS but she was a boarder and normally comes home; from our house to the school isn’t that far, as a matter of fact, it’s just like 15 minutes walk.
So she usually comes with her friends and colleagues to cook and send it to school.

One of her friends who happens to be her best friend was very beautiful and very cute. Damm, a student with a curvy body, pink lips and fair hairy skin. I was cooking when they came in. I couldn’t stop staring at her and my heart keeps boiling but I have to control myself and concentrate on what I was doing but I have to leave for work because I was on the afternoon shift.

That was the first day I saw this girl but I didn’t talk to her because I was in a hurry and I left.
The following week my sis came home with a different girl and ask about her friend she came with last week and she told me she isn’t a boarding house with them because she is a day student and does not normally comes to her on weekends.

So I didn’t get the chance to see this girl again till I meet her on my way to work one afternoon and to my surprise, she yelled my name. I was shocked how she got to know my name and she said my sis has told her so many about her family so she knows all of us in the family. And I was like wow that’s great. We had a chitchat for like 2 minutes and parted ways since we were getting late for work.

Part 1: My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Her Ex Boyfriend With Me.

I didn’t talk about any relationship matters with her even though my heart was yelling out for this beautiful curvy girl but I controlled myself because I wouldn’t allow my younger sister to date while at school (SHS) so kept my conversation with her decently and very respectful manner.

Fast forward, I didn’t see this girl again and when I asked my sis why is she not coming with her again, she said she has travelled to see her big sister in the UK who has given birth to a new baby but she will return before their final paper. I was very sad but at the same time happy about her journey.
NB: I met her only twice and I didn’t propose any love to her so she took me as a brother because he was like a sister to my sister.

In 2019 December, I was with my sister in our hometown because I have gone there for the Christmas holidays and surprisingly, I had a message on Fb messenger and guess who it was, this girl. She has messaged me and I was so happy and rushed to my younger sister to tell her what I have seen because she told me she was not hearing from her for some time now. So we were both happy and she sent her number and it +233, meaning she was in Ghana. I started chatting with her since then and we became close friends than her best friend(my sister).

We came to know each other very well and I proposed love to her thinking she would have completed her school since she was my sister’s mate. She didn’t hesitate to accept it but she told me my sister won’t be happy If she finds out and I told her she will love us to be together because that will bring her to our family and she was cool and we started a serious relationship. I asked her If she isn’t dating and she said she was but it was complicated.

Part 1: My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Her Ex Boyfriend With Me.
Part 1: My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Her Ex Boyfriend With Me.

Fast forward i January 2021, we arranged to meet but I didn’t want to take her to my brother’s house because I have moved but had not fully furnished my room at Nungua so I took her to a guest house and guess what, we entertain ourselves to the max!!! oh my gosh, my first time I received head and also gave head. We enjoyed ourselves from bed to bathroom to every corner of the room, it’s the day I will never forget!!!!
She is kind and generous, I remember she gave me some money to buy stuff for my room and other things. She was okay because her father is one of the executives at one of the biggest Churches in Ghana so the house is okay.

Fast forward, One day I was there and this girl called me and was like, I have something to tell you and I said oh okay go ahead and she was like no I’ll come over this weekend and tell you I hope you are okay and I said no problem as she wishes. So weekend came and she came over and she was “Do you really love me? And I asked her what kind of question is this and she was like because she wants to tell me a secret but she wants to trust me first and I was like baby you know I love you with all my heart. I love you from the first time I saw you but I wanted you to complete your education that’s why I didn’t propose. She started shedding tears and goes like, I have a baby and I didn’t travel outside as it was communicated to me earlier but she went to her mother’s hometown in the Volta region to deliver because she wouldn’t be allowed in the mission house with that unwanted teenage pregnancy. So that was why she couldn’t write her final Exams (WASSCE) with my sister.

I was very shocked and virtually collapsed after hearing this but she was already talking with tears in her eyes and a jiggling voice so I knew she has deeply regretted what had happened so I calm her down and ask her if my sister knows about this and she surprisingly she said yes. Wow, my sister kept this from me all this while but I don’t blame her because I didn’t tell her the affection I have for her friend and she knows absolutely nothing to my knowledge even though I kept asking about her when she wasn’t coming home with her during their school time so no need to blame my her.

Part 1: My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Her Ex Boyfriend With Me.
Part 1: My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Her Ex Boyfriend With Me.

I told her she shouldn’t worry and I truly love her and not going to let her go because she’s having one child, I have already fallen down flat!!! So we are still gonna be together as we have ever been. I asked about the baby’s father and she gave me a long story meaning he didn’t accept it. But because of her dad’s position, he couldn’t stretch things and it was kept a secret.
She talk to me about how her father was much disappointed in her and don’t really talk to her even though she is the last born, the father-daughter connection isn’t there but her father asked her via her mother that the school and business which one does she want and he need the answer within a month so she called and ask me for my opinion, by then I was at level 200 at GIMPA. I diverse and told her, I know she is good at cooking and loves cooking and the father knows she is good at it and wanted to open a restaurant for her but I told her she should seek for education first since she was not able to write her WASSCE so it means she is not having even her SHS certificate for her to go to school anytime she wants so she should just go for her remedial classes and write her WASSCE.

So she informs her mother that she’ll love to go to school. Her father wanted the otherwise because he didn’t trust her anymore so her senior brother paid for her fees for the classes and she had quite a good grades when the results came so now she has regained her father’s trust and his dad was a bit convinced and ready to support her tertiary. So I talked to one of my lecturers at GIMPA because I didn’t want her to go far from me and wanted her to join me at GIMPA and lo and behold she gain the admission and now her father was totally convinced and happy for her again. The first time her father will drive her in the same car after her unwanted teenage pregnancy was when she submitted her receipts for the fees she paid and her dad paid for her hostel fees.

I was surprised her father paid over 4k for her hostel because GIMPA hostels are very expensive.
Now I can see dad loves you now. We were both very happy because we succeeded in our plans.

Part 1: My Girlfriend Is Cheating On Her Ex Boyfriend With Me.

Fast forward this girl is on campus with me now, but, I’m an evening student since I work and school and she’s a day student leaving on-campus and alone in her well-decorated room, our time doesn’t balance yet I still manage to have time for her. Try to get her some stuff whenever am going to campus. I would go there and sleep for a while before my class start from 5 p.m. to 8 pm.

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Anonymous Tales

I don’t go through her phone and she doesn’t do the same to my phone because I trusted her so much thinking she has learnt a lesson from the hardship she has to gone through when she went to the village to deliver and the way and manner she talked to me about her experience during that time I was 100% confidence in her and didn’t think anything bad for her but…

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