Our Life Has Gone From Grass To Grace.

I’m a 32 year-old young man. I’m an handiworker and so is my wife. I met her young and beautiful 4years ago. I was 27 and her, 22 then. We clicked and became lovebirds. Literally everyone in the area and its environs calls us “snail and shell”. We would have s*x countless times and it never affected how we felt about each other. In fact, 85% of the times we had sex was initiated by her. It was glaring how deep she was into me and I love her too. Our love grew stronger and we were happy.

We were OK for 3 years and we decided to make it official and get married. Then I was 30 and her, 25. While we were planning on how to tell our families, she found out she was pregnant which her mum, who never liked me, ended up aborting without my girlfriend’s nor my consent. This started a big chaos between the two families. I and my girlfriend also stopped talking for some weeks but somehow we got back. I thought of not going ahead with the marriage plans but what can I do, I love my woman.

Our Life Has Gone From Grass To Grace.
Our Life Has Gone From Grass To Grace.

So after some months, we got married. Though the mum looked OK with it and all but I could see it all over her that she’s not my biggest fan. Everything was good, even our sexual life was again good and now we have a 7months old daughter. Now the problem is that my wife has drastically changed since our child was around 3 months old. She comes back home from work later than before and each time I try talking (not question her) to her, she would say “what should I come home to do by 6 7pm”, meanwhile, I the husband will be home latest 6pm.

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The mood in our home now is so boring and toxic. No talking, no jokes, no verbal communication whatsoever; we only sleep, wake, eat and go our separate ways till evening again and I’ve tried so hard to change things. Even the sex part has gone from grace to grass. Its the fifth month in the year and we have only had sex twice which I literally begged for. I don’t know whom in her family to report her to as the mum ain’t cool with me.
Even now I’m already having the thought of having extra marital affair, something I promised myself never to do.

Our Life Has Gone From Grass To Grace.
Our Life Has Gone From Grass To Grace.

Please what can/should I do? What steps to take?

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