One Of My Room Mates Is Trying To Separate Two Love Birds.

I’m a level 100 girl at UPSA and I am not comfortable with something.
There are two roomies of mine and I can’t handle what is going on any longer even tho I pretend to be cool around them and stuff. Hmm

It all started when we came to school and we ended up in the same hostel . MB3 hostel. We are four in a room and there are these 2girls from the same school and one other girl . This has to do with the two girls from the same school. Fast forward they all had boyfriends when coming to school but when they got here one of the girls broke up with her boyfriend for no reason . This was because she wanted to experience freedom and do her own things with other guys. So after some time we noticed her other friend was having issues with her boyfriend and a whole lot.

So there was this one Sunday her boyfriend showed up at the hostel by surprise but when he came at first the girl was not around because it was early and the girl had gone to sleep at her friend’s place around DC. So he waited for a while and he decided to leave but he gave his number out to the girls friend and told her to call him when His girlfriend returns . So when the guy left the hostel premises, his girlfriend so called friend started complementing and thirsting over the guy and was saying a lot about how tall he was and well dressed and all of that and said if not for the fact that they’ve been friends for so long , she’ll even make a move on the guy.

One Of My Room Mates Is Trying To Separate To Love Birds.
One Of My Room Mates Is Trying To Separate To Love Birds.

So when her friend arrived , she went out and called the guy to inform him that his girlfriend was back. The guy showed up immediately afterwards and he moved to his girlfriend and they went out to the balcony and they started talking. When they left the room, this girl was peeping through the windows and was restless. At some point she said she wished she had the type of closeness they had going on. She even said the boy looks too good to be with her friend. She was behaving strange to me . So after that day, I noticed this same girl started putting strange ideas into her friend’s head and this same girl who was gushing over the boy was telling the girl that she should ditch the boy because he isn’t her type and a lot more was said.

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She also said the guy was nice and was cheating and a lot . The thing is, she has managed to get the girl to break up with her boyfriend and now they are equals and they go out and have fun and do tik tok challenges together. You can see the girl loves her boyfriend but this friend of hers is the one influencing her . The sad part is anytime this girl isn’t around, her so called friend mocks her and calls her names. The other girl is the only girl in the room who was good and clean but now she thinks she is a bad ass because of this friend of hers. Her favorite drink is now Vody.

She has managed to make the girl’s boyfriend or ex boyfriend a bad person in the situation as well. I pity the guy.

The twist of this story is that, we usually have these preachers come into our hostels to preach and drag us to church. One day one of the preachers dragged me to church and on our way he said the other girl has a bad spirit which overshadows the other girl and she has been contracted to destroy her life.

One Of My Room Mates Is Trying To Separate To Love Birds.
One Of My Room Mates Is Trying To Separate To Love Birds.

I am seen as the partying type or stubborn one in the room but what is going on scares me.

I want to drop more clues to make this girl open her eyes but all i can say is , she lives at Tema and she’s dark, thick and tall. One of her closest friends has a boyfriend who has a name that starts with K at UG. This same friend of yours has told me that the K boy has bleached and isn’t even nice.

Open your eye and go back to your boyfriend . Your so called friend says a lot about you when you are not around . Becareful she is a bad influence.

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