My Wife’s Prayer All These Years Was To Meet Her Ex.

My wife and I have been married for eleven years with two kids. I wanted three but she insisted two was okay. Just last week, she had a call from an unknown number while I was sending some files to her phone. I trust my wife so much so I barely worry about anything she does because I know she would never cheat on me and I won’t do same. I quickly passed her the phone. She became a bit troubled after receiving the call, I didn’t really hear her say anything but, I thought the person has said something to make her upset.

I reluctantly asked what the problem was since she seemed moody and isn’t talking about it. She said nothing and walked away only to return in about five minutes dressed up. Surprised, I asked where she was going because we haven’t even had such conversation. She insisted on telling me when she returns.
I agreed but then, I asked to drop her off since we had only one car and it is a long walk to the bus station but she refused. I got so worried because I kept thinking of what the problem really was. I called the kids school since they had gone for weekend classes and they were fine. Called her parents they were fine. My parents were also fine. What was it then??

Around 11pm, she returned after not answering nor returning any of my calls throughout her stay at wherever she went. I was very angry but, I respect my wife. She hasn’t ever kept anything from me so I knew she would talk to me. I didn’t rush her, I already made sure the kids had dinner and were in bed. I was waiting for her so we have ours too. She hasn’t eaten anything, according to her but she is not hungry. I lost appetite too so we went to bed together.

My Wife’s Prayer All These Years Was To Meet Her Ex.
My Wife’s Prayer All These Years Was To Meet Her Ex.

At dawn, I woke her up to ask what the problem was, why she left home and has been troubled since the call from the previous day.
My wife told me the worst thing I have ever heard. She had a son when she was nineteen with her then boyfriend but the guy denied it. In order to have a meaningful life, she gave the boy out to a friend of hers to cater for while she furthered her university education. We met in the uni and got married a year after we graduated. Actually, the then boyfriend was the caller. He asked to see her because he wanted his son. That is forgivable, I can handle it.

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She hid the fact that she had a child who was almost seventeen years from me, sent him money and went over to see him from time to time. I understood that part but the part I can’t forgive now is, at my wife’s age, she is still in love with her ex. She has all these years been praying they meet again. The guy wants her too and she is willing to divorce me just so they could be together like she has always wanted.

My Wife’s Prayer All These Years Was To Meet Her Ex.
My Wife’s Prayer All These Years Was To Meet Her Ex.

I wept all through the morning, I thought it was impossible until she packed her belongings and left the house just this past Sunday. I don’t know what to do, she hasn’t answered nor returned my calls since then. I am scared she may never come back. I am in pain. We have two kids, they are ten and eight. They are adorable and smart. She didn’t even say anything to them before leaving.

My children are already reacting badly to her absence. I can’t take it either. Even if she never loved me, our kids too? The only thing on my mind right now is to poison myself and the kids so we can end this misery.
I want my family back, nothing has ever mattered to me like them. I love my family; why did my wife do this to me? Why?

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