My Wife Is Punishing Me Because I Want To Save Our Marriage.

Should I Bring Her Back?

I’m Isaac from cape coast. My lovely wedded wife brought her friend to stay with us. This friend of my wife lost her relationship so she was depressed that and that was the reason my wife brought her home to prevent her from hurting herself.

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She has been with us for 2 months now and I think she is healed so I ask my wife to let her go because the way she dresses at home is tempting and I’m a man too.My wife begged me to let her stay for one month and I accepted. On Monday I came back from work whiles my wife too was at work just to meet her friend wearing only pant comfortable sitting at the hall.

My Wife Is Punishing Me Because I Want To Save Our Marriage.

I quickly rushed to my bedroom in other not to fall into any temptation. I came back in 5 minutes to see her still sitting with only pant.

I then told her to go to her room or else will report her to my wife. She refused and got even more closer to me whiles in that g-string pant asking us to do the do.

I pushed her and rushed back to my room. She then told me she will tell my wife I wanted to sleep with her but God being so good there is a hidden camera in the house.

She told my wife and as women could act with certain issues, she became angry with me and I told her that I will answer whatever she is asking me, but I want us to watch this video.

We did and she started crying. I told her immediately to let her go but she is still insisting I let her stay because the said lady is her best friend.

My Wife Is Punishing Me Because I Want To Save Our Marriage

I went to her friend’s room and packed all her belongings and sacked her. Ever since then, my wife always refused me intimacy saying I should let her friend come back to the house before she will get intimacy with me. Now my mind is getting filled with horrendous questions such as, is my wife practicing lesbianism with her bestfriend?

Or, i should let come back and deal with the aftermath myself because it seems she’s punishing me for trying to save our marriage.

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