My Wife Hates My Mum For No Good Reason.

After my wedding my mom had to come leave with me because of ill health. A condition she had for some time been treating. During that same time my wife was pregnant with our son who is now 7 months old. At first when I told my wife my mom was coming to stay for a while so she can attend to my health, my wife showed a kind of displeasure although she didn’t say it straight up to me but her body language said it all. In any case I still let my mom come over and she was with us for about a month and half.

During my moms stay with us, my wife will showed my mom so much cold shoulders, lack of love and respect. She won’t cook, or whenever she cooks my mom will have to eat that food in the morning, afternoon and evening and sometimes the next day that will be her breakfast. If I go to work she leaves to her parents place and comes back home in the evening and sometimes I will come back home before I call her to come home. I do provide everything in my house because my wife don’t work. Food is in abundance. I take care of her needs also. My wife prepares and eats what ever she wants to eat before my mom came but when she came things changed.

My Wife Hates My Mum For No Good Reason.
My Wife Hates My Mum For No Good Reason.

Sometimes my sisters take turns from their homes to come cook for my mom. This saddened me so much and at a point I picked quarrel with my wife as to why the irrational behaviour towards my mom. I really wanted out in the marriage but I still kept giving chance for amends. I tried to hide the situations from my mom but she had already noticed it and pleaded with me to excuse her since she was pregnant of which I did so I allowed her do what ever she wanted. Eventually my mom got better and left but I was so hurt by my wife’s behavior. Immediately my mom left, my wife now cooks what ever she wants and even demands I bring her special packages from the fast foods sellers. Despite all that i decided to put things behind for the sake of peace.

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After my wife put to bed, she opted to go to her mom for ‘omogwu’ instead of her mom to come over to our place. Her reason was that she isn’t ready to receive visitors. I allowed her to go to her mothers if she will be more comfortable there. It was while at her moms place that my wife told me she has resentment for my mom for no good reason. I was shocked, confused and devasted. My mom has me as her only son and my wife is her only daughter in-law. How can I live like that? Why will God allow me to fall into such a mess. For the sake of peace I use to forgive and put away the thoughts so that I won’t destroy my home but things keep getting worse. My wife won’t call or visit my parents. When ever i want to go home and visit them i go alone something that when I was dating her if I try to do she frowns at it seriously.

My mom now notices it more and she won’t visit me just may be to avoid creating issues in my home. I only get sex from her once in a while and its all my initiative. I feel so unlucky to be in this situation. I confronted her about it and she told she she isn’t feeling like it. My wife has some group of unmarried friends who visit our home and recently one of them even slept at our home while I was on a trip. Fast forward, the same lady visited again and this time I was in town. She brought fish and alcohol drink’s for her self and my wife. That was when realized I was in a soup.

My Wife Hates My Mum For No Good Reason.
My Wife Hates My Mum For No Good Reason.

Imagine my mom isn’t welcome but her friends have a bar at our place. My wife don’t seem to make me happy by what I like or those I love rather she wants me to make her happy by what she wants and those she love. I need help pls advice what can I do? this marriage isnt working because I keep compromising to accommodate nonsense and she’s gradually pulling me to the gutters. I am seriously contemplating having an affair I need help.

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