My Pastor R@ped My Wife But I Think There Is More To Her Story.

My pastor r@ped my wife. It all started 4yrs ago. My wife (A well known media Personality) and I had been married for 2 years . I wanted us to start a family but she had different ideas of her own. Her career was more important to her than family. We argued and fought over this issue time and time again. So I spoke to our pastor about it and he agreed to meet my wife and I at his office for a conversation.

I practically forced my wife there on the said date to meet our Pastor but we met his absence. The secretary told us, he had been invited to a meeting at our church headquarters. I was disappointed because I had to take a day off work for this meeting. Later in the evening, he called and apologized for not being available and to compensate us, he said he would come and meet us in our house the next day after working hours. I informed my wife about what the pastor said and she agreed to it.

Left for work very early the next morning because I had work from the previous day plus the days own work. I needed to finish everything up fast and return home on time for the meeting with the pastor. Unfortunately, we got the information that some auditors would be visiting our office on the next day. That meant almost everyone had to do overtime as we had a lot of things to put together before the auditors come. Around 5:30pm, Pastor called me and said he was at our gate. I told him of the situation at my workplace and that my wife was home so he should proceed and talk to her. After all, she was the one who needed the counsel and not me.

Pastor r@ped wife.

I got home a little after 8pm and found my wife in an awful scene. She sat on the floor in our bedroom with a torn dress. She looked like she had been attacked. Her tears fell uncontrollably when she saw me. According to her someone broke into the house after the Pastor left and raped her. The news broke my heart. I could’ve killed someone without the slightest mercy that day.

She refused to report the case to the Police or anyone else because she feared the exposure would scar her reputation. At first I didn’t agree with her not wanting us to report the matter but later I realized the harm had already been done. Going to the authorities won’t undo the harm but rather invite stereotyping from all those media hypocrites. We kept quiet. Later I took her for all kinds of medical tests and thankfully she came out clean. Ever since the incidence, my wife became more reserved and stopped going to a lot of places including church. She only went out for work or something very important.

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Fast forward, we have a daughter (will turn 2 in August) and my wife after years of not attending church service, she has started going every Sunday for the past 3 months. I noticed she’s now back to her normal self. I went to church a few Sundays after she stopped going but I eventually slacked off. My birthday was last Friday. My wife got me a pair of shoes as a present and she took me out for dinner. It was there that she told me she has kept a secret from me for so long but she can’t hold it anymore.

My Wife Confessed That Our Pastor Raped Her But I Think There Is More To Her Story.
Pastor r@ped wife.

She confessed that she knows the person who raped her and it was no other person than the Pastor. She said she didn’t tell me because I wouldn’t have agreed to keep silent over the issue if she had disclosed it to me. I sat down and listened to all she had to say. When she finished talking, I got up and left her behind at the restaurant. I haven’t said a word to her ever since then. She talks to me but I lack the desire to respond to her. What if there’s more to the story that I don’t know? I’ve lost the trust I had for my wife. I don’t even know if I love her anymore. I’m ashamed to talk about it with even my closest friend. The pastor is now at a different branch which is still within our zone.

I need ur humble suggestions. Will be in the comment section.

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