My Uncle’s Wife Is Forcing Me To ’Sleep’ With Her.

I have this problem I would like to share and I would humbly want an advice from you guys.
I stay with my uncle and his wife but currently my uncle is not in the country. So it is left with me and his wife. I’m also at the uni and I stay at his place during the holidays.
I have build a good rapport with my uncle and his wife. We have a very good and healthy relationship.
Prior to my uncle’s departure he told me to keep his wife company when i vacate. He said he has given her my chop money and he had bought a lot of foodstuffs so there is nothing to worry about.

We vacated the beginning of this month and I went home. The first few days with her was cool. Until… She wanted me to sleep in her bedroom. She always complains of having nightmares and she scared. My instincts was telling me this woman is up to something but i put the red flags aside and kept her company.
She would literally tell me stories and sing for me so that she could feel comfortable to sleep.
I really had no problem with that. I really had comported myself and I promised not to touch a married woman. Besides I have a girlfriend who satisfy me sexually so i wasn’t sexually starved.
Mind you the woman is very beautiful and attractive.

My Uncle’s Wife Is Forcing Me To ’Sleep’ With Her.

So as the day goes by she started asking me questions like when was the last I had sex. I felt that was weird and I quickly changed the conversation. I know what that conversation could lead to. She realized that I was dodging her questions and she told me the last time she had sex with my uncle. I really wasn’t pleased with what she said and she knew that. She apologized and I forgave her.
Fast forward, we continued our routine like that until one day….

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Anonymous Tales

It was a normal day as usual. I went out to work on some assignment. She prepared my favorite meal for super and we had alot of fun. We had drinks and I was very tipsy. With all that I insisted I wanted to sleep alone because I knew things could escalate so quickly.
She tried and tried to convince me but I wasn’t going to change my mind. I went to my room and I dozed off.
Low and behold this lady came into my room a few hours later. I began to feel some tingling sensation on my “cassava” for some period of time. I couldn’t hold it no more and I opened my eyes to see that she was giving me ‘bj’. I just came in her mouth and she literally swallowed it.

My Uncle’s Wife Is Forcing Me To ’Sleep’ With Her.
My Uncle’s Wife Is Forcing Me To ’Sleep’ With Her.

Like who the hell does that. I was really pissed of and she quickly apologized. Saying she really wanted to try that on me. I can’t say I enjoyed it because I wasn’t even aware she was giving me head for almost an hour. She even begged me to penetrate and I refused. I can’t do this to my uncle. The way he was so good to me, I can’t pay him back like this. I’m really confused right now.
She has apologize and said it wouldn’t happen again buh I think the worst is yet to happen. I have not been in this kind of situation before and I don’t want to ruin her marriage by telling my uncle what happened.

Family what should I do.
I would be reading comments and thanks.

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