My Twin Sister’s Crush Is Asking Me Out.

We are twins sir. My sister’s boss is young and caring. I’ve seen how he treats my sister and to be honest, he’s really a gentleman.

My sister is single at the moment and so am I.
My twinny talks all night about her boss to me. It’s obvious she is crushing on him though the young man hasn’t shown any signs of wanting her back.

Before my sister started working for him last year, she was in a relationship and so was his boss. Her boss figured a while later that his fiancee was cheating so they broke up and immediately, my sister broke up with her boyfriend too. She did that just so her boss could look her direction but it’s been months and he hasn’t even asked her out.

My Twin Sister’s Crush Is Asking Me Out.
My Twin Sister’s Crush Is Asking Me Out.

Right now sir, her boss is asking me out instead. I’m scared and I don’t know how to inform my sister about it because she’s certainly not going to like the idea. We are very happy as twins and as a family. I really don’t wish for anything to ruin our relationship. I like his boss too because his energy and love for us has been the same since my sister began working for him. He has proven to be a good person and I’d really love for things to work out between us but, he’s my sister’s crush and he’s even the reason she broke up her previous relationship and has been single till date.

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We are very identical plus my sister is obviously of a better character than myself so I’m surprised her boss came for me and not her.
Sir, I need your opinion on what to do. I like the young man but I cherish the peace between my twinny and I as well. Accepting her boss’ proposal will seem like a stab in the back. She speaks so highly of him and has confessed to me that she’ll accept his proposal without thinking about it, should he ask.

My Twin Sister’s Crush Is Asking Me Out.

What do I do because the guy is on me now. He’s doing all he can to win my heart. He may be thinking I don’t want him but deep down I do, I’m just resisting him because of my twin sister.
Help me out, thanks sir.

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