My Sister Is In A Toxic Relationship With A Man And His Family.

So here is the case where my elder sister is in a very toxic relationship and it saddens me a lot to see a well educated woman like her go through all these. At the moment she is one of the Directors of the IT department at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

So my sister’s boyfriend was chasing her for 4 years but because my sister wanted to focus on her masters so she decided to wait for the right time before getting into a relationship with this man. At first we all saw him to be a very decent man who came from a rich home but after my sister accepted his proposal 2 years into the relationship my sister got pregnant and gave birth. So she was asked to move into the house of the boy his mother, her mother in-law to be.

Although the guy’s family is extremely rich, the father has this habit of not letting his children be independent.
This man has 3 sons and they are all grown and of age and he still forces all his children to live under the same roof with him and their wives and children and the most annoying part too is that they all share one kitchen and the man’s mother does not allow any one to cook in the kitchen apart from her.

My Sister Is In A Toxic Relationship With A Man And His Family.
My Sister Is In A Toxic Relationship With A Man And His Family.

And this really disturbed my sister a lot because as a woman there were certain things she needed to prepare for her son and herself as well without the help of her mother inlaw. She complained about it several times but her mother in law will only say that if she wanted to cook she should buy her own utensils and her own gas and foodstuffs and build her own kitchen. Secondly her mother in law used to treat her badly in that house they don’t care about her welfare they only care about their son. Even when she complains to the man he will only support his mother.

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My sister was never allowed to use any of the cars in the house so she saved money and bought her own car and even that one the man uses the car mercilessly without her permission whiles there are lots of cars in the house he doe even bother to fix it when it breaks down. So my mum adviced her to rent a house and move in with her son and the man but this man said he was not ready to leave his father’s house. So my sister decided to move out for good and stay on her own with her son because the man wasn’t treating her right.

On the night she was moving out, the man’s family said they will not allow her to go with the baby so it turned into a heated argument and they forcefully took the baby away from her. As she was struggling to take her child back the man slapped her and her brothers dragged her out of the house on the floor. This later on became a police case and the child was given back to her. So my sister moved into her new house and was trying to move on with her life when in less than a month the man came with his family to apologise to her and to plead with her to come back and stay in his father’s house and funny enough, my sister foolishly agreed saying that afterall he was her baby daddy and he was the one who broke her virginity so she couldn’t leave him and moreover he promised to marry her soon.

My Sister Is In A Toxic Relationship With A Man And His Family.
My Sister Is In A Toxic Relationship With A Man And His Family.

But I dont believe it because the guy’s elder brother who lives with his wife and daughter was in a relationship with him for 9 years before he eventually married her after so much pressure from the woman’s family. I believe that might be the same fate for my sister if she doesn’t wise up and i think they are just doing all this just to have access to her son because they don’t care about her.

Sometimes as her younger sister, I advice her to step out of this depressing relationship and live an independent life because at the right time the right man who will treat her right will come her way but she sees me as a child because afterall am just 18 and she’s 28. Suggest to me lasting solutions please.

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