My Sister Is Cheating On Her Husband But …

My sister and her husband have been married for 10 years with 4 kids (2 boys and 2 girls). They both live in the UK. Her husband got her residence permit through my sister. For the past 4 years, my sister has been asking us to return the dowry to her husband’s family to get a divorce.

Nobody in our family agreed to it since she couldn’t tell us exactly why she wanted a divorce. She even boasts of how her husband loves only her and how disciplined he is because he doesn’t go around chasing women even though he is well educated with a great career and nice looking.

My Sister Is Cheating On Her Husband But …

Her husband is a doctor. She would just tell us that the marriage wasn’t working and she just wants a divorce. All her commitment has been on getting a divorce. She would storm out of their house at the least misunderstanding with her husband and only return after some hours. I have no idea where and who she goes to. She has even stopped wearing her wedding ring even though her husband still wears his.

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Her 7 years old daughter (now 10yrs) somewhere around 3 years ago told me that her younger siblings had a different father who comes to their house when my sister’s husband is at work. Something my sister denied when I confronted her. My sister sometimes used to call her in-laws to tell them to expect the return of her dowry to initiate her divorce. I advised her consistently but she never listened to me.

My Sister Is Cheating On Her Husband But is …
My Sister Is Cheating On Her Husband But is …

Her husband recently went to Ghana with all their kids for holidays without her. I heard rumours from a friend in Ghana that my sister’s husband was making arrangements to marry. And its a lady in Ghana. I quickly called him to ask about it. He admitted that it was true. Knowing how he has been treated by my sister, I couldn’t say anything and he seemed not to care anymore. He told me on his return from Ghana with the kids that my sister has now changed for the better. But he doesn’t care about her anymore and is going to marry the lady in Ghana because he has had enough.

Should I tell my Sister?

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