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My Serious Girlfriend Is In Another Serious Relationship.

I’m a guy 24 and I just found out my serious girlfriend is having a 5 years serious relationship. It’s started this way. We were in the same class in shs but dating when we were in third year getting to Wassce time. I’m the class topper so a let of attention was on me although I’m a very quiet person. Let me just put this short.

We started dating 2020 and of course we had s.ex that same year before completing. Since then we haven’t met till this year. The relationship became a distance one since she’s in Kumasi and I’m in Accra. It got to a point where I’ve been asking her to come and visit me. We will plan everything but at the end she will just give me an excuse and disappoint me. I’ve tried severally.

So I knew something was going on. The long duration calls she makes alone alerted me. So this year about some few weeks to my birthday, I reminded her about my birthday and how I planned on celebrating it for the first time and surprisingly she said she will come. I was so happy. And finally she came and you guys know what else will happen. During the penetration the place doesn’t feel like like someone who haven’t had s.ex for 1 and half year but I kept cool and played along.

My Serious Girlfriend Is In Another Serious Relationship.

We enjoy ourselves. I took her to many places just to make her happy. She didn’t even want to go back to Kumasi but I convinced her to. So before she left, I checked her phone but there wasn’t any suspicious messages except that she had time to delete all the old chats she ever had with some particular people leaving only a month old chat. So I decided to clone her phone. I’m good with gadgets. 

Finally she left and I started monitoring everything thing from calls to even watching her through her face camera without her knowing. This is where the issue started. She sent the pictures I took her including some particular one she was partially naked to a guy and from that time, I started paying attention to their chat. They don’t really chat much but spend most times on call. Last week I heard a voice note sent by my girlfriend to the guy complaining that since he started working and got some money he began showing attitude to her.

Later that evening, my girlfriend ask me the same question that why is it that when we are broke we stay with one girl but when we start making money then our attitude change? So I ask her if she was asking out of her own experience and funny answer was that, her girl-friend is the victim so she called her and was complaining about her guy to my girlfriend. We talked for a while about the issue but I didn’t tell her I knew she was the one. Just today I heard another voice note she sent to the guy. The guy called yesterday whilst we were making call so he got angry and block her.

My Serious Girlfriend Is In Another Serious Relationship.
My Serious Girlfriend Is In Another Serious Relationship.

She was telling the guy in the voice note that someone borrowed her phone and was making a call with it, saying she got the phone back the next day. And the way she was explaining to the guy is exactly how she talked to me when I caught her in some bad dids. So I now know she was dating the guy for long before me.

The thing is I really love the girl and I don’t know what to do now. Should I ask her or break up with her or just ignore it. Because she always prove to love me to. Things she do proves she love but I don’t know why she did this to me. Please I need your advice

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