My Late Friends Husband Is Proposing Marriage But…

Friend’s husband is proposing marriage. I’m a single lady (midwife) living in a small town near Koforidua. I’ve been in the town for close to 5 years. When I started working here, I had a patient who was very nice to me. We fast became friends & she was already 4 months into her pregnancy at the time. I could go to her house sometimes and she visited me also. I’m the type who doesn’t make friends easily so when I make one I really cherish it. I took her as a sister and we vibed really well.

Unfortunately, the worst happened during her delivery. She couldn’t make it out alive. However, the baby survived and he was in a great condition. I felt really bad because not only did I lose a patient but a dear friend as well. We later found out the cause of her death was something we didn’t pay much attention to during her antenatal days. Even tho no one could blame me for her death, I carried all the blame in my heart.

My Late Friends Husband Is Proposing Marriage But…
Friend’s Husband Is Proposing Marriage.

I took to liking the baby boy she left behind. My late friend’s mum who lives outside the town took the responsibility of taking care of the child. So I was visiting them (the grandma & the child) at least twice every month and gave them money every time.

Fast forward, the boy (Nana Kwasi) is growing so fast. He is 4 now but he is now staying with his father’s sister who is in Cape Coast. The grandma fell sick sometime ago and it rendered her incapable of taking care of Nana so she came for him. I’ve been in a close contact with his father all these years.

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Just last week, he (the father) called me while I was at the work and told me he wanted us to talk about something so I agreed to pass by his house after work. So I went there and according to him, he’s very much aware of how I love his boy but he’s not happy with the current situation of him changing places. He wants to bring him closer to allow him to enjoy the fatherly love and protection but he can’t do it all by himself. He told me he needs a woman in his life to make this work and he can’t think of anyone else apart from me. So I received my first marriage proposal right there.

Friend’s Husband Is Proposing Marriage.

But I asked him to give me sometime to think about it and he agreed. He is a great man with lots of possessions. I’ve liked him all these years but now that he brought this issue up, I’ve been trying to check within myself to see if I can develop that intimate feelings for him because I like the idea of settling down with him and raising the boy together but I can’t seem to feel anything beyond the normal liking for him yet. I don’t know whether I should accept the proposal with the hopes of finding that intimate connection while I’m with him or I should just let the offer pass since I don’t feel for him now. Please help me to make a decision. Thank you.

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