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My Husband’s Late Father Is The Father Of Our First Child.

I want to share this with you to see if I can ever forgive myself. My husband’s father died a few months ago at age 61. Before he died, I was having an affair with him. He is the father of our second child but my husband doesn’t know that yet.

The thing is, he didn’t take care of my hubby while he was growing up so my hubby has refused to have anything to do with him. In fact, they had a very bad relationship until the man died recently. I didn’t mean to have an affair with him, I was actually trying to settle the misunderstanding between them because I realised that the man was very rich and he could leave my husband a great deal of inheritance if things work out well between them.

My Husband’s Late Father Is The Father Of Out First Child.
My Husband’s Late Father Is The Father Of Out First Child.

I went to see him one day and we mistakenly had sex. I wasn’t happy afterwards but I enjoyed it. He had time for my body and really functioned as if he was still 20yrs.
I promised myself not to do it again but I couldn’t keep my promise. He gave me Ghc 5,000 that day and asked me to come later so we talk more. I found myself missing him inside me occasionally so I went to see him again on the same issue but we had sex again. After that day, it became a habit for us. I visited him occasionally for sex and he was really giving me enough cash. I invested much into my business and got myself a car and helped my husband change his car.

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My husband was really surprised at how my financial status changed so quickly but I always made it seem it was my business that was flourishing.
The man is dead now but, I can’t seem to get over him. I miss him everyday. I’ve lost interest in my hubby already. I have started admiring and desiring older men. I’m just 30yrs and we’ve been married for almost 7yrs now. Our first child is just 5 yrs and the second is 2.

My Husband’s Late Father Is The Father Of Out First Child.
My Husband’s Late Father Is The Father Of Out First Child.

I love my hubby, he’s hardworking and intelligent. I really hate the fact that I’m destroying our marriage gradually. I use to enjoy every bit of him till his Dad came into the picture.
How do I make things work between hubby and I again?

How do I overcome the desire to be with his dead father?
It’s not like I love the man, I just don’t know what it is I want from him. Please, I need your advise to make my marriage work one more time. Thank you.

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