My Husband Thinks I Just Hate His Friend But I’m Scared of His Actions.

I am a married woman and there is this my husband childhood friend that work brought him to PortHarcourt where we stay. He is also a married man and he was given accommodation where he was posted to. So this guy called my husband that he want to come and visit him for the weekend and my husband told me that his friend said he his coming over for the weekend, and I said I’ve heard him…

I also know the guy, but we are not too close like that and we have each other number but we don’t chat nor call, we just view each other status and pass. But atimes whenever he call my husband on phone, he do ask my husband to give me the phone that he wants to greet me and we will just greet each other on phone and that’s all.

So back to my story, this man came for the weekend and he went back and the following week again he call my husband that he is coming for the weekend again and my hubby told me and I said okay but what is he looking for self, that shebi they give him accommodation and my husband told me that he just want to visit now, and I said okay but my husband knew from my attitude that I ain’t too please with him coming back again that shebi he just left. So he came but this time that he came ehn, I notice the way he do look at me and I notice he start commenting on any status I post on watsapp, which he hasn’t done before, but this time around he used more than 3days and my husband is a business man and I also work also but I notice whenever I come back from work, I will meet him at home on only Boxers, but whenever my hubby is home he will dress normal.

My Husband Thinks I Just Hate His Friend But I’m Scared of His Actions.
My Husband Thinks I Just Hate His Friend But I’m Scared of His Actions.

So when I notice that, I told my husband the next day that he should please not for any reason leave me and his friend at home that I ain’t comfortable with him at all at all. My husband said that what’s wrong with me now, that shebi he just came for visiting that he will soon leave and that I know he can’t leave his business and come and sit at home cause his friend is around, that shebi I know the normal time he do get home and I replied him that okay, that just know that whenever I come back from work and I meet ur friend at home, that it’s outside he will meet me and that me and his friend can’t be home alone.

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That isn’t he observant enough ni? That, is this his first friend that has ever come to greet him ni? That why don’t I complain of the rest that why this one? He said shebi it’s because I don’t like him and that this friend is his childhood friend that they are now family, and I said okay no problem.

But this guy always be on tight boxers(like all this body hug men boxers) whenever me and him is home but when my husband is about to come like this, he will go and change to normal dress and this guy keep coming almost every week now….I am not just comfortable with this guy and I keep telling my husband this but he thinks it’s cause I don’t like him, and the way this guy do comment on my watsapp status self is another thing, but I haven’t even for once replied him. I am just waiting for my husband to see the chat himself and then ask me, when do all this start , before I will now reply him that shebi I am telling him and he doesn’t care.

My Husband Thinks I Just Hate His Friend But I’m Scared of His Actions.
My Husband Thinks I Just Hate His Friend But I’m Scared of His Actions.

As at now self I am scared of being home with this guy alone and I keep telling hubby that I am not comfortable with me and this guy at home, but he won’t just mind me and all his thought is that I don’t like the guy and cause of what I notice from the guy towards me, I stop wearing my nighty in the sitting room, I only wear it whenever I am about to sleep…and I make sure I leave home earlier than before cause of him, inorder to avoid may be I am the one seducing him or may be too much closeness and I don’t dress anyhow. Sincerely speaking I dress very decent and when this guy even wear the boxer, he won’t put on cloth at all.

Infact there was a day me and him were home in the sitting room, and I notice the way he is looking at me and I can see that his m@nhood is erecting, I just stand up with my baby and go and wait outside for my hubby to come and when my hubby comes and we both enter, he has already put on cloth. I h@te all this n•nsense and I am telling my hubby but he keeps ignoring me, thinking it’s cause I didn’t like him.

Please I want u all to help me out on how I can go about this issue, without my hubby thinking it’s cause I h@te this guy, seriously I never h@te but he is just up to something for me, which my husband think it’s cause I don’t like him….we use 2bedroom flat and we already have a baby also.

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