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My Husband Is Pushing Me To Commit Suicide.

My husband is honestly pushing me to a level where i might commit suicide but i promise that, I won’t go alone.

I never intended to cheat on him but, things happen. We are parents to three, one who has autism and ADHD. My husband was in deep denial for two years and became emotionally abusive. I don’t feel guilty at all about having an affair outside marriage because it saved me. My husband almost destroyed my peace and sanity but this other man helped me regain it.
Things ended when my affair partner died by suicide just somewhere last year. I was completely shattered. My husband found out by going through my phone not long after my boyfriend’s death. I denied aggressively though it was true.

My Husband Is Pushing Me To Commit Suicide.
My Husband Is Pushing Me To Commit Suicide.

Hubby didn’t know everything until I was in therapy following the death and my therapist recommended that I tell him everything to help both of us move on. It was a hard discussion.

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I was a week from filing for a divorce when he’d died. He wasn’t a reason for the divorce. I had plenty of other reasons. But I stopped the proceedings, went into therapy, and decided to stay in the marriage and give it a chance.
Right now, my husband is rather seeking divorce because of what happened, I don’t want to give him the chance to destroy me one more time. To be honest, I’m planning of poisoning him before I commit suicide so we both don’t live to see what happens next. I was never gonna tell him and he may never know it all but, I did because I wanted us to work on things and move on. Is divorce my reward for coming clean? No! It won’t happen. Talk to him or things may go really bad for both of us.

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