My Husband Is In Love With A Rich Sugar Mummy.

I am so heart broken. My husband is in love with a very rich barren sugar mommy. This is our 5th year of marriage with a three year old son. My husband is in his early 30 while the sugar mom in her late 50. I realized they have been dating themselves for a year after I landed on frequent calls and text from her but was saved in a man’s name.

Wonder why I check my Hubby’s phone ? We are always free with each others’ phones and her constant calling caught my attention. We used to listen and understand each other well but when I tried to peacefully enquire about her from my husband, he was like “see honey this woman is just a good friend to me , she’s too old for me to fall in love with, even if they give her to me for free or with money i won’t accept her besides you’re my wife, i made a vow to you that I will never cheat on you i love you”.

My Husband Is In Love With A Rich Sugar Mummy.

The fact is that my husband is madly in love with her. They call themselves more than three times a day. What confused me is, the more she keeps sending huge sums of money like 500,000 or even 1,000,000 ugx. We are financially okay. Both of us are well employed but this outside woman is ruining everything.

Sad enough my husband lost a brother who’s having a kid of 6 years old and i was keeping her very well not lacking anything. He told me he was going to visit one of their aunt in the city 5 month ago, only to realize the aunt he talked about was the sugar mom who’s barren. Find out from his text asking how the kid is fairing.

My Husband Is In Love With A Rich Sugar Mummy.
My Husband Is In Love With A Rich Sugar Mummy.

To me it looks like that kid is creating a more strong bond between them. He told me that the 6 years old gal is going to forever stay with the aunt since she’s barren and rich. I insisted to bring her back but this time he failed to understand completely. My house is on fire and i dont know what to do. Please help me. I love my husband and i dont want to loose my man . thanks

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