My Husband Has Elope With My Baby.

I’m a young lady in my early 20s and in a very toxic marriage. I have two kids and only the little one is for my husband because he found me with a child. Now my problem is, my husband beats me over every petty issue we might have. He doesn’t have time for me because he’s always on phone and if I ask him he says it’s business.

He stays 3 to 4 months without touching me. So last week, we had a misunderstanding where he accused me of cheating which is something I have never done or even think of. He started beating me until I started bleeding through my nose and mouth so I managed to open the door which he had locked and I ran to the police and from there I went to the clinic of which I was given medical care because I was swollen.

My Husband Has Elope With My Baby.

From there, I went to sleep at my friend’s place leaving my baby home with my young sister. In the morning, I went back to the clinic and the medical report was signed and I went to the police station again where we went looking for him but we couldn’t find him so in the evening I called my sister to bring my baby to where I was because I felt much better after I was given an injection but was still swallen and she told me that the father took her with him and they have gone to his aunt’s place.

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My Husband Has Elope With My Baby.
My Husband Has Elope With My Baby.

I’m so confused and don’t know if I should go back to report him cause I don’t want to go back to his house because he might just end up killing me. Now I feel stuck because my aunty talked to his father but it doesn’t look like they will come any time soon. Please help me. I really miss my child. She is only 1yr 10mths. I don’t know what to do. Please mature advice only. No insults because i am already stressed.

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