My Girlfriend’s Mother Forced Her To Abort A Pregnancy But That’s Not All.

She was forced to abort a pregnancy. I and this girl have dated for almost 2 years now. We respect each other, understand each other and in fact, love each other to the core. I can say we are the best dating couple in the world. Mistakenly she got pregnant and though it was a mistake but I stood my grounds to take all responsibilities of my woman and my unborn baby. But ma girl’s own mother won’t accept to keep the pregnancy but decided to abort it because she wanted her child to go to school.

She did everything in her power and have successfully aborted the baby though me and my girl didn’t agree.
She told us she wants to abort the baby and after that, her child would go to school and she won’t desist or stop us from loving each other but rather give us advices on how we both can live so that we marry in future.

Not knowing all what she was saying was a scam. She talked to us to convince us to abort the baby herself and stop us from dating. This woman has started threatening me to leave her daughter with no reason. The school that she talk about too she says she doesn’t have money so her child would go to school (tertiary)next year. If she kept the baby, like my woman would give birth that same year and she could go to school but her mom wouldn’t allow that.

My Girlfriend’s Mother Forced Her To Abort A Pregnancy But That’s Not All.
My Girlfriend’s Mother Forced Her To Abort A Pregnancy But That’s Not All.

My woman is going an xtra mile to oppose whatever her mama is saying that we should break up because she doesn’t find any bad attitude in me. i’m kind respectful, humble, hardworking and doing a job that earns me quite something at the end of the month. I have no deviant behavior but her mother is threatening me seriously to leave her daughter. She says she is not leaving me no matter what the case may be.

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Her mother has informed her dad and siblings that my woman is been recalcitrant on quitting a relationship. But she is leaving that aspect of pregnancy of which she has aborted. Her dad would be mad if he find out that her daughter has gotten pregnant. And to make matters worse, he’ll be damned to find out his own wife has aborted it. I’m ever ready if they tell me to come knock and marry her at the right time but they wouldn’t. I love and have respect for her and family and everybody in it.

I have been of so much help to her mother but threatening me now.
I’m confused and don’t know wat to do now. And should my girl tell her dad what her own mother has done? It’s annoying that i stood to take every cost about her pregnancy? She doesnt know the kind of man her own mother want. Because currently, no man seems to satisfy her specs.

My Girlfriend’s Mother Forced Her To Abort A Pregnancy But That’s Not All.

Should I quit the relationship for peace to prevail between my girl and her family?

Or I should stay and watch her fight for all of them would come to love me back?

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