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My Girlfriend’s Ex Boyfriend Can’t Get Over Her.

I’m really disturbed about my relationship and I sincerely need advice. I’ve been in a relationship with this lady for about two years now. We use to be just friends from 2016 till I finally proposed in 2020 when we began dating. She left her previous relationship after finding out that the guy was having another girlfriend alongside her plus, the guy told her he won’t marry her.

Ever since we started dating, the guy has always been an issue. He calls and texts her via sms and whatsapp on regular basis. When my lady blocks him, he will call with another number. About five months ago I asked her the relationship between herself and the Ex- boyfriend and she said, there was nothing between them but some days after, she asked me to give her some time and space so she can work on stopping the guy from calling her. I wasn’t happy with the idea; I was really upset but agreed to her decision.

My Girlfriend’s Ex Boyfriend Can’t Get Over Her.
My Girlfriend’s Ex Boyfriend Can’t Get Over Her.

Two weeks ago we had argument about the guy where she told me that, the ex -boyfriend is aware of her being in a relationship. I then asked why he calls because, she gets extremely jealous whenever I’m on calls with other female friends so I had stop and even end some friendships just to make her happy. Above all, we are making arrangements to marry next year God willing. I really love her. I sometimes feel insecure even though we always play together and are often happy.

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I recently made friends with a lady whom I even invited over to my place for a discussion and when my lady got to know this, she picked the lady’s number, called her and told her that she’s my girlfriend. I haven’t even thought of proposing to the new lady but my girlfriend is against our friendship because she claims I have intentions of doing that.

My Girlfriend’s Ex Boyfriend Can’t Get Over Her.
My Girlfriend’s Ex Boyfriend Can’t Get Over Her.

I am really tired of my lady and her ex. Can you believe that her ex-boyfriend told me he can’t stop calling her because they’ve dated for 7 years? He asked me how I expect him not to call her and even asked if I don’t call any of my ex- girlfriends. I seriously need your opinion on this issue. If my girlfriend hasn’t been able to prevent her ex from calling her all these while, I don’t know when else she will plus, I am upset with the whole thing. Should I leave her or I should just give her the benefit of the doubt? Please help a brother, thank you.

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