My Girlfriend Tells Other Guys She’s Single.

There’s this lady I met and liked back in SHS but couldn’t tell her. We just look into each others face and smile.
So we completed and later met on facebook and that’s where it all started.
We confessed our love for each other and started dating. Things were cool for about 2 years till she got into her final year in one Midwifery institution.

Initially we even spent hours talking on phone(even late nights) through to the next morning.
But when she entered her third year I realized she’ll be busy during daytime because of lengthy lectures so I’d rather call around 11pm and she’ll still tell me she’s going for Prep. This happened for sometime and I stopped calling, she didn’t bother calling back.
Well I know there’s misunderstanding and little fights in relationships and whenever we got into one, we solve it and let things go.

But she once logged into her FB account on my phone and forgot to logout. Well, curiosity didn’t let me logout in peace but rather went on to read her first chat which was with a guy. Reading through, I noticed the guy was into my lady and asked if she’s dating and she said NO she’s single.
Checked second chat and she was telling another guy she’s not dating. Then the third guy.So I asked her about it and she said it’s not what I’m thinking. She apologized and I let it go. During this times she still wasn’t calling.

My Girlfriend Tells Other Guys She’s Single.

I’ll complain about how things have changed between us now and she’ll say she’s busy with studies. I understood that because that’s her future. But not even texts from her and she would be online (WhatsApp). I’ll text her and she’ll read without replying. If I ask, she’ll say she doesn’t have data(meanwhile she’ll be posting videos on her status)
She usually pays a visit and both my family & close friends know her.
But not even her friends or family know about me. She was sick at school one time and I couldn’t reach her number so I suggested she gives me her immediate friend’s number so that it can be an alternate way in reaching her should there be any emergency and she refused. Saying she doesn’t trust her.

Later she started calling but couldn’t reach me once and insisted I blocked her(something I didn’t do). So she went back to her old way of not calling and i didn’t understand. Later I questioned her wanting to know what’s wrong and she said I’m complaining too much in the relationship and she thinks we should go separate ways.

My Girlfriend Tells Other Guys She’s Single.
My Girlfriend Tells Other Guys She’s Single.

She’s someone I love so much and wish to marry. We’ve always found it easy sorting out our differences but not this time. Initially she and I hated the relationship with besties alongside idea so we promised to be each other’s bestie. I recently saw her post another guy with the tag “THE BEST MALE BESTIE EVER

I clearly understand she needs to pay attention to her studies

But right now I don’t know if I’m making her feel somehow pressured with our relationship or she’s probably seeing another guy already.
I’m confused right now.

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