My Girlfriend Is Pregnant For Another Boy.

My Girlfriend is pregnant for another boy and it’s tearing my heart apart.

I met this girl in jhs and we started dating since then. We had a breakup in shs, but we worked it out and came back together. Now we’re both in the university. She’s in Legon and I’m in Knust. I usually go to visit her on the last weekend of each month, but sometimes, when I can’t make the journey, she rather comes to my place.

When we meet, we do get nau.ghty sometimes but we’ve never had s.ex. In all of this, she was telling me about all the boys who were making advances towards her, but I realised that one was persisting.

My Girlfriend Is Pregnant For Another Boy.
My Girlfriend Is Pregnant For Another Boy.

So one time when she was at my place, I was telling her about how she needs to be rude towards him so that he will back off but we just kissed it off(Usually that’s how we settled arguments that we had different views on. It’s like an agree to disagree). Now one weekend, which wasn’t even the last weekend of the month, she surprised me by coming here. I realised she was trying hard to get us to have s.ex so I asked her about it and she said she was ready to have s.ex.

I refused though because we had agreed to wait until after marriage. And I’ve also told her about how I want her to return to heaven since she’s an angel. She then started crying and told me about how one guy I had warned her about drugged and had s.ex with her. She didn’t even realise until the next morning( I don’t want to include that story).

Her plan was to ignore it and tell no one, but she recently told her best friend. She advised her to take a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Now we don’t know what to do. Abortion is not an option though. So the best we can hope for is a miscarriage. I love her so much. Even if the baby doesn’t come, thinking about the fact that someone else has gotten intimate with her hurts me. At the same time, I can’t imagine my life without her.

My Girlfriend Is Pregnant For Another Boy.

What would you do if you were in my position?

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