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My Girlfriend Is Only Attracted To Older Men And It’s Sickening.

I recently found out that my girlfriend has dated and slept with older men in her past and It’s sickening. I’ve told her how I feel about it, and she disagreed, stating that she liked them and found them attractive. Gross! Mind you these “older men” are in their late thirties or early forties (She’s 22). I feel disgusted because her previous relationship had power imbalance and was exploitative.

From her story one of the “older men” was married while engaging in sexual relations with her. She claims that she did not know he was married. Another story of hers goes with the same but the man was not married and he dumped her after sex. From her stories it is obvious that these “older men” used her to satisfy their sexual urges. The fact that she does not see things this way is sickening. Honestly. All these lead to my thesis that older men, who have romantic interest in much younger women, are predatory. They are just not mentally okay. They are either manipulative or abusive men who want a younger, less experienced woman who will accept much more shit than any woman their age would.

My Girlfriend Is Only Attracted To Older Men And It’s Sickening.

Older man who go for younger women are typically preying on the younger women. Because, women that young, dating men that old, typically do not have much of a back-bone, they do not know what to even expect. and go along with whatever the older man leads them into. The power dynamics due to life stages, maturity levels and life experience between a 22 year old and a 44 year old (for example) makes it pretty inappropriate for the 44 year old to be dating the 22 year old lady.

It makes sense that the 22 year old is drawn to the power and maturity of the older man, and she is too naive to know better yet. But what draws the older man to the 22 year old is much more sinister. I feel that a relationship with that much age difference is definitely going to be lop-sided.

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Anonymous Tales

I respect the desires of someone over 20 years old trying to date someone much older than they are. But, i question the maturity of a 40 years old who thinks they can get a devoted partner with their kids mate.
My point here is that, a significant age difference between partners of any gender is a red flag. But! A red flag does not mean something is automatically wrong. It means that one should be careful and pay close attention, because there is a greater chance of abuse occurring . (like in my girlfriends’ case).

My Girlfriend Is Only Attracted To Older Men And It’s Sickening.
My Girlfriend Is Only Attracted To Older Men And It’s Sickening.

Agreed! There are many people in healthy relationships with much older/younger partners, and more power to them. However, if you are getting into a relationship with an older partner yourself, you should be considering these questions. Why is this person not with someone their own age, and look carefully at how they have treated past partners. The fact that my girlfriend does not recognize her May/December romance as a predatory sicko relationship is probably a sign. A sign that she has not matured past the mind-set she had when she dated them. It is scary that she might fall victim to older men cons again.

What do you all think?

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