My Girlfriend Is Flirting With Her So Called Relative And It’s Stressing Me

There is this girl of mine, we have dated for almost a year now. Our family know about our relationship. She has her own work and her family too has money. I can’t say rich but they are ok. Because of that she doesn’t ask me for anything. I’m also working and I’m ok with my job. She knows everything about me and I also know like 70% about her.
She has been so supportive and all that which we have even planned on getting married soon. The problem now is that recently some guy has surfaced in our relationship which my girlfriend regard him as her brother. She claims he’s her aunty’s son and they were not even aware that the aunty had a son like that. The aunty is in Germany now and because of her bad character, she couldn’t inform any family member when she gave birth 27 years ago.

My Girlfriend Is Flirting With Her So Called Relative And It’s Stressing Me

She recently told them and before they came to know they are siblings, this guy had already proposed to my lady and she rejected it because she didn’t want to have another affair ( mind you, my girlfriend told me all these). The aunty too is giving the girlfriend pressure to be close to the son( the aunty knows about our relationship and we sometimes talk for hours). Because of that recently my girlfriend’s attitude has changed.
The guy always post her on WhatsApp, Tiktok, Facebook everywhere and the caption is always about how they love each other. My girlfriend too has been doing same to extent that now she post him more than me and the caption goes same as the guy’s. If she post me, it will jx be the picture no caption.

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Last time we were chatting and she needed to send me some screenshot, it came and the guy’s picture was the wallpaper. When I ask about all those things she said it’s because of her aunt and how she is giving her pressure to be close to the son.
I have access to my girlfriend’s Facebook account, so one day I read her chat with the brother and it was about “my love”, “my life”. I was really heart broken. I questioned her and she said one of her friends likes the brother so she gave the phone to the friend and they were chatting so it’s not her. I wouldn’t have believed all that but, I have also been speaking with my girlfriend’s sister who is at America( we talk almost everyday) and she has also confirmed what has been going on in their family to be true.

My Girlfriend Is Flirting With Her So Called Relative And It’s  Stressing Me
My Girlfriend Is Flirting With Her So Called Relative And It’s Stressing Me

My girlfriend’s sister is also having doubts that the guy is not her aunty’s son, and she, like me also suspect that my girlfriend and the guy are dating because she also has access to my girlfriend’s accounts. She says anytime she confronts them they say otherwise. The sister really likes me and doesn’t want the sister to lose me. She has even called the guy and warn him not to call my girlfriend again but because they are family, is still the same.( mind you the guy also know about our relationship and we’ve been talking once in a while)
What’s going on is really stressing me and I don’t know who has been telling the truth or has been lying. I need your advice fam. I want to know whether is me that is just being jealous or there’s something going on between the guy and my girlfriend.

Help a brother.

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