My Girlfriend Is Cheating On My With Her Manager.

I’m 30yrs of age and my woman is 27. We have been in a relationship for almost 12yrs. We even have an 8 years old son. During the COVID era, my woman lost her job and only got one just this last December. Since then everything has changed. I caught her cheating with her manager, I went straight to the manager and what he told me was shocking, that the girl told him, she isn’t dating and we have already broken up.

My Girlfriend Is Cheating On My With Her Manager.
My Girlfriend Is Cheating On My With Her Manager.

I gave him some warnings to stay away from my woman then I left. Because of this guy, our home hasn’t seen happiness since December. I have talked to her serval times but she always denies she has something to do with him. Just this last Friday, I saw her change the name of the manager to a different name that she thought I won’t find out. So they will be able to chat as they are doing. It’s like 6 times elders have sat us down to plead on her behalf because I sent her out to her mom’s house.

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She promised not to talk to him again but now she has the guts to tell me the guy is her manager so she can’t stop talking to him. Her mom is also silent because she is afraid of her daughter who feeds her so she doesn’t talk when she goes wrong. Now things are so bad that even when we sleep and I even hold her hands, then she starts complaining that her hands are paining her. She has even stopped doing most of the house chores but since I don’t want to disgrace her, I put it on my self to do it.

My Girlfriend Is Cheating On My With Her Manager.

I planned on marrying her this year buh what she is doing is scary and i’m afraid.
Please I’m just confused and need serious advises from you and your great readers.

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