My Girlfriend Is Asking Me To Do Something Crazy. A Sexual Fantasy.

She Wants A Foursome.

My girlfriend wants me to have sex with herself plus two of her friends, more like a four-some. This is the craziest thing I have encountered my whole life. I visited her on campus somewhere last year, I offered to take her out for dinner and she asked to bring her best friends along and I agreed.

So when I got back home that evening, she jokingly told me that her friends said they were crushing on me that I was a nice guy. We both laughed it out and continued our love life until three weeks ago when she called to start talking about them again. I thought she was uncomfortable with the idea of her friends crushing on me at first so I assured her of being hers alone.

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Unfortunately, she wants more than that. My girlfriend boldly told me to have sex with all of them together so her friends will get what they want and back off. This is crazy! I don’t know why she will support this in the first place. I don’t know what her friends did to her or told her, I equally don’t know if or not it’s something she wants by herself but, I just don’t get it.

My Girlfriend Wants A Foursome. Claims It’s Her Fantasy.
My Girlfriend Is Asking Me To Do Something Crazy.

I know I am naughty, I talk dirty and fuck her really well but, I don’t want this. Our sexual life has been an escapade since we met but, it’s because I find her really pretty and attractive. I love everything about her, I can’t get enough of her and it makes me go all in when we are having sex but that’s with her.

I find it hard to cheat on her because I get this feeling no other lady can give me the same feeling she gives me. She enjoys it too, she once told me no man in this world is as good as myself when it comes to sex. She has always said, she will eliminate any other lady that tastes my dick because she is scared they might get addicted. I also hit her pretty good because I don’t want her cheating on me, especially after she started school.

My Girlfriend Is Asking Me To Do Something Crazy.

What I don’t understand is why she wants me to have her plus her friends. I know a lot of men will jump for this opportunity but I don’t wanna do it. I have tried all I can to talk it out of her mind but tripped. I don’t wanna do this.

This is the lady I want to marry; she is the woman I am spending the rest of my life with. Whatever is making her opt for this won’t be there forever. She will eventually regret it in marriage because for as long as her friends continue to be her friends, they will mock her for it. I don’t want her to face any disgrace in future because of one crazy fantasy.

My Girlfriend Is Asking Me To Do Something Crazy.

She is yet to graduate from the tertiary, a year more actually. If not for school, we would have been married by now because I’ve got all it takes to marry. She is smart and focused, I don’t want marriage to be the reason she can’t achieve her aspirations. So I asked her to bag a degree and further to do masters after marriage. I am twenty-eight, she’s twenty-four and we both use to be very responsible. She suggesting that I have sex with the three of them is giving me a very weird feeling.

I am already thinking she isn’t who she was anymore. I keep wondering if it’s what they do as best friends or I am the first. Honestly, the last thing I want right now is to lose my woman. I love her so much. I am so confused. We haven’t really been happy since the last three weeks because of this. She always brings it up, she claims she wants this done before school resumes. The pressure is even more now because UTAG is back to duty.

I want to keep her but this is not what I want to do to keep her. Should I give in or refuse and let whatever will happen to happen? She does listen to her mom but this is very disappointing and I cannot involve her mother. Others might think this is a test but it isn’t, she wants it for real. She sends me nudes of the three of them with captions like “We are ready for you, all we want is your dick thrusting deep into these sweet apples, baby, we can’t wait to have you blah blah blah’’. I am tired of having to delete their nudes almost every morning.

My Girlfriend Wants A Foursome. Claims It’s Her Fantasy.
My Girlfriend Is Asking Me To Do Something Crazy.

She has given my contact to her friends and they will also be stupidly sending me crazy stuffs. I hate this, I really do. I am only here because I love her and don’t want anything to separate us. Please advise me on what to do, I beg you. I feel she is under a spiritual attack or something because my lady will never ask for such a thing. What’s changed?

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