My Girlfriend Is A Lesbian And I Don’t Know What To Do.

How Do You Deal With A Lesbian Girlfriend?

I am 23 years old. The problem I have is, my girlfriend. l don’t know if she is not or a lesbian. It all started two years ago when one of my friends said that he saw my girlfriend kissing one girl at a party he attended l didn’t take it serious, l just said that it was a normal stuff that girls do.

Fast forward to last month another of my friends said he normally sees my girlfriend with one girl in their street. l just waved the talk away. Then l playfully ask my girlfriend about the girl. The only thing she asked me was how l knew. l just lied and said that l visited an old friend in the next street and just saw them together.

She told me that she was her cousin which l believed and never said a word about it again. Then my friend told that he thinks my girlfriend is dating the girl that there were talks that they were dating. One faithful Monday my friend called me to tell me that he saw both of them kissing. l had to ask if it was a normal kiss that my girlfriend really love this girl. We than came to a conclusion that l will see for myself. He told me she (girlfriend) normally visited her on thursdays.

My Girlfriend Is A Lesbian And I Don’t Know What To Do.
My Girlfriend Is A Lesbian And I Don’t Know What To Do.

The next Thursday l prepared, went to my friend house and stayed many hours. There was no sign of her at all till finally around 5pm she arrived she knocked on the girl’s door, she then opened the door to welcome her(my girlfriend)with a very long kiss. l could not believe my eyes. I had to wait for them to finish. After about an an hour plus, they both came out and then were fooling around till my girlfriend drew the girl to one corner. They kissed for some time.

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At that moment l thought l was watching a movie. The sad truth is that it was real.
The next day l confronted my girlfriend with what l just found out. She lied at first but later gave in and told me the truth that they have been together for about a year now and she later started to cry telling me not to break up with her and that her family will disown her if they found out that we broke up.

My Girlfriend Is A Lesbian And I Don’t Know What To Do.
My Girlfriend Is A Lesbian And I Don’t Know What To Do.

l asked her why she told me that if her family finds out about her dating girls they will disown her. That was two years ago when we started dating and when we started dating, everything have been calm till now.

Please l need you people advice on what to do next cause am confused on what to do next.

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