My Girlfriend Is A Chronic Liar And A Cheat.

I’m Nigerian though, been following this platform for a while now. So there’s this colleague of mine, I’m a final year student in uni. We started talking and got to know each other and from there, things started getting serious.

From there, sex day after day. She loved sex and i was good at it too. I’m the type that talks and command during our sessions. She had guys who were basically taking care of her needs, more like sugar daddies.

As we got serious, she started saying she was going to give them distance and all bla bla bla. I said okay, during this time i was still sceptical about the whole thing. But she started showing real care and love, definitely i was caught up too.

Travelled for xmas last December, noticed some changes and all. So i promised myself to get into it, hacked her WhatsApp. Later found out she had sex with her Ex who came into town that period too. Confronted and she goes begging and all i said okay. Took me a while but i just decided to do something occasionally i wouldn’t do, forgive someone for cheating.

My Girlfriend Is A Chronic Liar And A Cheat.

Now with the whole strike presently going on, i had to travel back home. Same thing started, before then i noticed some moves from her which weren’t clear. Confronted her and she flipped the table and all. I ended up apologising to her. So till now this same attitude started all over. I knew something was up, i had to use her email for something then got to see some huge amounts of money in there asked her and she said it was her sister’s.

I laughed it off because i know when she’s lying. Her sister has got her own private savings account and the rest so why.

I’ve been asking her about a guy who is a naval personnel she met of late before i travelled she always denied. Saying they’ve not spoken in a while and the rest.

One day, she even tried sending a screenshot of something to me and i noticed she tried cropping out his part out. I asked her, you’re talking to this person at this time of the night? Thought you said nothing was on between you guys. Couldn’t deny, because she know i could either have hacked the WhatsApp and all. I said send the screenshot to me she did, and say they were all name calling. Talking as though they were dating and the rest, i was just laughing because she was giving silly lies that couldn’t even do anything.

I kept close tabs on her, so one evening she went out and all. I tried reaching her she wasn’t picking so i texted on WhatsApp it went through. I knew she was out and with someone, later that night quite late, she texted me that she was charging her phone. I told her you don’t charge your phone and leave your data on and beside your smaller phone was ringing also and you didn’t take it why. She said it was switched off, i then told her phone i was calling. Just told her to stop lying and the rest. Entered her mail and saw the bolt trip and saw that she had gone out and came back late.

My Girlfriend Is A Chronic Liar And A Cheat.
My Girlfriend Is A Chronic Liar And A Cheat.

I just texted her i knew she was out and the rest, so since it’s something you’ll lie about must have been something serious with the time you came in. Called off the relationship and after few days she begged and i said okay.

Story seems to be getting longer, long story short. She was cheating with that naval guy and some other people again. I just told her i knew and it was over, she has been calling and the rest but i told her I’m not going back on that.

The whole emotional and mental stress she put me through was okay, i wasn’t going to deal.

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By the way she’s somehow from a poor background, so i don’t entirely blame her. Told her there was no need for the lie, because i noticed when things was hard for her, and i asked her if i should step aside. But she said nope, I’m getting over the whole thing though.

I’ll be in the comment section though

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