My Girlfriend Hits On Every Guy She Sees

So I met this girl in town one day and she winked at me. I got closer to say hi and she told me am too handsome and that she will like to be friends with me. I said ok. We started to chat and see each other often (no sex). Soon the friendship grew into a relationship. But I was always suspicious about this girl and the relationship because something wasn’t right. She was too nice to every other cute guy in town.

Onetime we went out together and this girl was all over the manager of the pub that he is too nice and cute. The pub manager at a time had to remind her that she is there with me and so she should stop saying such things in my presence. I got angry that night and she apologized.

At another time I called her in the evening around 8 p.m. and she told me she is at the brother’s house. (1st time I heard she had a brother. She never mentioned of him). At about 10pm I called this girl and she was brushing her teeth in a washroom. So I asked, are you home now? She said no and that she is still at the brothers place. (Like seriously? Who does that? Is this normal?). Mind you that the distance from her so called brothers house to her home is less than 25 mins drive. I was more suspicious of her.

My Girlfriend Hits On Every Guy She Sees

So I decided from there that I will investigate this girl well before ever having sex with her. I don’t like to lay with Condom so I am always careful who I lay. I don’t want to download any virus.

Then came her mysterious Accra trips. Sometimes she will call me that she is going to Accra with her friends for a program. I say no P. But when she leaves and you call her, you can sense that she is either in a hotel or somewhere. She won’t answer your calls but will call back when……… U know right? One day I confronted her about where she slept in Accra and she told me that because of the program, the house was full so some of them slept in a hotel. Hmmm ayooo.

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Anonymous Tales

This is a girl who says she doesn’t give a fuck about religion. And once talked about how someone nearly introduced her to Lesbianism but she could not see herself going down on another girl so she didn’t join.

Fast forward, my suspicion grew stronger and I decided to walk out of this relationship. I never had sex with her because of my suspicion. I withdrew myself from her. She later told me how upset she is that I just dumped her for no reason. She told me she hate me now and that she doesn’t even need me in her life. I said yoo if you don’t need me then that’s fine because I wanted out anyway.

My Girlfriend Hits On Every Guy She Sees

But my problem is that she is still all over my dm’s asking me for money. Is this right? You said you don’t need me and we broke up but you are still asking me for money. You don’t need me in your life but you need my money? Eii. Guys please advice me. Did I do the right thing by walking out of the relationship? Is it good to give her money even after breakup?

I will be checking the messages. Thanks

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