My Girlfriend Has The Habit Of Referring Me To My Past.

I’ve been going out with this wonderful lady for more than a year . She’s beautiful, caring and all. I have done everything as a guy to convince her of my love ie.( support, open to my family, looking out for her literally).

But then something happened late last year. I met a lady at a wedding both my girlfriend and I attended. We became cool because she was the bridesmaid and I was the best man .

My girlfriend created a scene when we were doing the pair dance to usher us in but I was never bothered because it was just a one day thing. Fast forward she picked this ladies number from my phone and called to warn her to stay away from me.

Occasionally when i slept she will try to open my phone and access my messages on WhatsApp. She finally had her breakthrough when one time she asked me to order a ride for her. Just when i was inputting the location she asked to do it.

My Girlfriend Has The Habit Of Referring Me To My Past.
My Girlfriend Has The Habit Of Referring Me To My Past.

Just when i handed the phone over to her she rushed to the washroom, locked it up, went through all my chats, screen recorded them unto her phone and as if that was not enough sent all the chats etc to my mum and sisters.

Truth be told I was having past chats with females but nothing explicit except promising to visit them, take them out etc. We both became angry for our actions towards each other. But we reconciled( calling ,texting and even sending her money, talking like we used to). After a while, I openly didn’t say sorry but my actions and inactions did. I made my mum and family apologize on my behalf, I planned to visit her so we properly iron things out.

My headache however is that, each time we talk she refers me to texts on phone phone. Tells me I shouldn’t think because my family apologized and we are cool means she’s forgiven. That if she should get a “serious” guy she will go ahead and marry.

After so many incidents of brushing those talks aside, I finally got pissed one time and told her to leave because I was tired of she always referring me to the past. I told her explicitly that, if she couldnt forgive me for a past incident then she should go on with her life.

My Girlfriend Has The Habit Of Referring Me To My Past.

It was beginning to feel like I was begging her to love me. Making me feel like the “satan” meanwhile i caught her cheating in the past too but I let go. But it feels like a big deal for her forgiving me. It’s normal if she teases me with a few past incidents but this is way beyond teasing .
I want to know if my actions were right or there is an advice for me .

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