My Girlfriend Does Not Want To Fight For Our Relationship.

I’m a guy of 25 years old and in 400lv. I have been dating this lady for about two years. We’ve been alright for a while but it gots to a point she started giving guys her number and she even collecting money from them. Besides I support this lady every possible way I can. She confessed and apologize and we went back to normal.

I know there’s no relationship without obstacle but mine is different. I wish I could say everything here, so it gets to a point. She started giving me some bad attitudes and shouting at me on the phone. Whenever we are having a normal conversation, it will always turn out to be nightmare. I came to notice she’s chatting and making calls with her ex and it hurts me. I tried my possible best for her to stop which she did and am this type of guy who won’t cheat in a relationship because I know how it feels to be cheated on.

My Girlfriend Does Not Want To Fight For Our Relationship.

I don’t even associate with ladies because I know how she’ll feel if she sees me with a lady. Late this year, I met this girl and she understands me better than anyone. She gave me all the care and the love I was lacking from my main girlfriend and we started dating. She found out and I apologize and broke up with the Lady because I love her more than anything. Whenever I have issue with her, I try to explain everything in details and make her understand her fault or I’ll apologize if the fault is mine.

So the main point is, I noticed she’s cheating on me and I tried to find out but failed because if you understand your woman enough you’ll understand when she’s cheating. She shout at me. Talk to me anyhow which I responded to everything with a cool head for peace but nothing is working. I cried countless time over this lady. I even go to her place at 11 or 12 midnight just for us to settle whenever we’re having issues. She didn’t show me care attention and I talked and complain about it countless times but it keeps going from bad to worse. This lady don’t even put effort in fighting for the relationship to survive.

My Girlfriend Does Not Want To Fight For Our Relationship.
My Girlfriend Does Not Want To Fight For Our Relationship.

I’m always the one fighting and trying to make things work every single time. I’m thinking of walking out of the relationship and focus on the previous lady I broke up with because she’s still there for me every single time. She tries her best to make me happy. She loves me more than anything I could describe.

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