My Girlfriend Can’t Stop Accepting Proposals From Other Guys.

I don’t even know how to start this. So the whole thing is, around last year December we employed a new sales girl at our place and I must confess, she’s a spec. So I used the opportunity to make my ways to her and she accepted. Everything was going on well and two weeks later I got her an iPhone X and besides that, loads of different kind of shopping spree. The thing is, i did what ever is expected from a man to a woman.

Just recently she has started misbehaving. Whenever a guy proposes to her she accepts. So I called her and gave her all the advice and she apologized. She further went to a guy who once proposed to her’s house and I was not expecting her too so I tried calling her several times but she didn’t answer which made me block her and told her mummy not to allow her use her phone to call me because I won’t pick and it will be a sign of disrespect so her mum pleaded on her behalf and I said accepted.

My Girlfriend Can’t Stop Accepting Proposals From Other Guys.
My Girlfriend Can’t Stop Accepting Proposals From Other Guys.

So I unblocked her and later that day around 7 pm, she called me and started begging that I should forgive her but me I didn’t mind her and I seized her phone and I told her to go home when she gets home she should use her mummy’s phone to call so she left. When she got home, we spoke a lot and she begged me and I forgot everything.

Just last week, I was with her in my room and she started making some confessions that she has cheated a lot and that she can’t stay with one man alone. I was shocked but then I didn’t do anything the last word she said was that she’s not sure I can stay with her because of what she has gone through so I said no problem. I told her I’m not leaving her. Just this week what this girl has done is killing me. She went to another guy’s house again and when I asked her she said she don’t care what I will do and that I should go on and do what I want to do so i intentionally asked her, do you still love me and she said no ,”the love has turned”.

My Girlfriend Can’t Stop Accepting Proposals From Other Guys.

I cried that day. So when she saw me crying she also started crying and and told me she’s sorry, she was just kidding and she wanted to test me but that is not how I see it. I can see she no longer wants me in her life but she is pretending. Her parents also don’t want me to leave her. I want to also break her heart for once and live her but its really hard for me.

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Anonymous Tales

I’m in a state of dilemma now and I don’t know what to do. Please help me out. The thing is I really love this girl. Her name is even on the house am building.

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