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My Gay Partner And I Are Planning To Get Rid Of A Lady.

I’m 33 years and gay. I’ve got a partner (28yrs, guy), we are very happy together but unfortunately it’s an abomination in this part of our world to engage in a same gender affair.

In my family, we marry within the ages of 20 to 24 because we are well to do and we believe in growing up together with our kids. When I turned 26 and not married, I started receiving complaints and pressure from my parents and other relatives. Even my kid brother wanted me to marry so he could follow.

So I paid this lady the sum of 5million cedis to marry me and pretend to live with me for a while before she goes, which we did successfully without anyone noticing. The lady is aware I’m gay and she has signed to keep it a secret. My partner comes to the house and we enjoy ourselves.

My Gay Partner And I Are Planning To Get Rid Of A Lady.

Problem now is, it’s been seven years and this lady hasn’t left the house yet. Instead, she brings in her lover and they indulge in sexual affairs all over the place. My partner is worried about her behaviour. Anytime we ask her to leave, she’ll threaten to expose me to my family. She eats my food, uses everything in the house, drives my cars, takes money from me and even takes money from my parents though I paid her off.

My lover and I adopted a kid, he’s 5 now. This is just to make my family feel the lady and I have a kid when it’s actually otherwise. She uses every thing to take unnecessary money from my family. She crashed my Dad’s Tesla in 2018, and did same to one of his other cars last year. I hate the fact that I’ve to pretend we are happy couples when people come visiting.

The agreement was that she’ll leave after a kid is adopted so I just keep telling my family she’s abroad blah blah blah. We had to wait two years before adopting because we wanted it to seem she flied out to have the baby before returning and even that caused me almost 7million cedis. She has made all these money from me yet she’s not leaving.

My Gay Partner And I Are Planning To Get Rid Of A Lady.

She is getting out of hand and I want a way to send her out of the house. I want to peacefully do this without being exposed to my family. Last year, my partner and I planned to poison her but for some reasons we let her live. I’m just scared we may do something harmful to her if this doesn’t stop.

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