My Friend Who D!ed Two Weeks Ago, Invited Me To Her House 4 Days Ago.

A young lady has shared a chilled experience on how she spent good time with a friend only to be told that friend is no more.

A young Ghanaian lady has shared a weird experience on how she spent quality moment with a friend only to hear that friend passed away 2 weeks ago.

Going by her narration, she spent quality time with the ghost of her friend she didn’t know had already passed away.

Taking to TikTokers, the lady Efya Benson looked terrified whiles sharing the chilly experience

She said 4 days ago she had a call from her friend she knew back in SHS.

They used to be best friends in SHS but after school their friendship hasn’t been that strong so she was surprised by the call.

The friend whom she calls Sisi asked her to come visit her in her house at Dansoman Sahara.

Efya told Sisi she’s busy but she insisted so she had to pick a car and honor the invitation.

She visited her in her home where they had good time and even ate together.

The friend even made her call 4 people who owe her and asked them to send the money to Efya Benson because she will be traveling to her village to spend some time there.

According to Efya Benson, she returned home that day feeling cold and her mother said it could be malaria so she should rest.

The following day she had information from other friends that Sisi has passed away and she passed away in an acc!dent 2 weeks ago.

Credit: Mranim.net

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