My Friend Is Sleeping With His Uncle’s Third Wife.

A friend needs an advice.

He is staying with his uncle who practice polygamy, his uncle feeds him and takes care of his education since he is a level 300 medicine student of legon.

Now the problem is about 5 months ago the uncle married his 3 wife who unfortunate for him was his classmate in Aggrey memorial Shs in cape coast.

Now the first wife is outside the country and the second moves in and out of Ghana to Nigeria on business purposes she buys and sell clothing textures.

My Friend Is Sleeping With His Uncle’s Third Wife.

So mostly he and the third wife or let me say her school mate are home most often if has no lectures or on vacation. A his uncle a well known business man in Ghana who doesn’t stay at home often.

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Now to him, about a month and half ago the mate had an argument with his uncle and when the uncle left for work she took a bit of alcohol and came to him for advice.

In their convo she voiced out about how school was and their mates the fun times and memories. At first he was shocked cos she been avoiding him ever since she got into the house and all the sudden talking but well she was drank so maybe that’s it.

After the convo this girl puke on herself so he took her to her room helped up and told her to take her bath but as he was leaving she asked him not to but wait just incase she falls and needs help.

It made sense so he did, after a well this girl came out in her towels and God she was “speechless” but started confessing that she use to admire him back in school but here they meet again bla blah blah and there was banging which lasted for long and the girl claimed that was her best.

My Friend Is Sleeping With His Uncle’s Third Wife.
My Friend Is Sleeping With His Uncle’s Third Wife.

Now for the rest of the days banging dey go on more often, he feels like the second wife is catching on to something and things have been getting hotter and hotter even as exams is ongoing, he is stuck to this girl and not his slides.

Now, the way things are, he has enough and he is planning of running away with the girl because they love each other but fears what his uncle can do.

P.S ” the uncle doesn’t even know the girl went to aggrey and has no idea they were mates but the second wife is getting hints on what’s going on. Now what should he do?

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