My ‘Father’ Wants To Sleep With Me.

So I’ve never seen my dad before because he left after my elder sister was born but according to my mom she died when she was four and I was two by then. My mom is very hard working. She has a provision shop and life was better until she died. During the funeral a good looking man showed up and my auntie said he’s my dad and that I’ll be staying with him since my mom is dead.

He actually came with two girls. One was two years older than me and I was the same age as the other so basically they were my half sisters or so I thought. My so called father is rich and he has a big house with one maid and I’m very free with everyone but sometimes my sisters act cold to me which I’m okay with it since I don’t lack anything. Recently my sisters went to my dad’s mom at kumasi and it was only my dad, the maid and I in the house.

Whenever I sleep, my dad will come and sleep by me. At first I thought it was nice because he wanted to spend time with me. But as time goes on it was becoming too much. He touches me so I told him I don’t like that and he said he just wants to have fun. I said that could be in the morning but he said no and jumped on me. Started removing his trousers. Was scared to hell because I don’t want to have se.x until I get married.

My ‘Father’ Wants To Sleep With Me.
My ‘Father’ Wants To Sleep With Me.

Told him to stop and that I’m his daughter and he was laughing. He wanted to r.ape me . I was trying to get out of his grip but that didn’t work. So I told him I was on my period and he believed it. The next morning I called my auntie and told her and she was like it’s nothing and I’m ungrateful and all that. So whenever I was going to sleep. I wear plenty pants and I lock the door. I hear him knocking but I don’t open it.

To Cut everything short, the girls came back and I told the one I was the same age with everything. I thought she was also a victim and she was like it’s nothing. I asked her why and she told me that I’m not their blood. Called my auntie and told her everything and she didn’t sound bothered at all. Not knowing I’m not from their family. My real mom was my late mom’s friend and she died long time ago. So now all my mom’s are dead. My auntie gave me to the man I call my father as a wife.

My ‘Father’ Wants To Sleep With Me.

And now the man said if I don’t have s.ex with him, he’ll not take care of me. I’m in SHS and I don’t have anyone caring for me. I use to work for a woman at her shop but my dad told her to let me stop. Now I don’t have any source of income but I’m staying with the maid. I’m supposed to be in school but I don’t have any provisions and money.

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