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My Father In-Law Is Trying Very Hard To Put Me To Bed.

I dated my man for some years and along the line, I lost my mum so I was a bit stranded. We decided to do our introduction so I move in with him. He stayed in Abuja before then but came back during the bombing stuff and decided to stay in lagos. So after the intro we both decided we move back to Abuja for our own privacy because he was in the family house. We both agreed he go first which I later join him after a month, but during my stay in their house for that period, my father in-law started trying to have s.exz with me.

I always rejected due to the fact that my husband told them with joy that he met me as a virgin. After the intro and five years of dating which every member of his family love me. When I got to Abuja, I got pregnant for him and we fixed date for the wedding meanwhile I didn’t tell my husband what his father was trying while I was in Lagos to avoid issues. We came home for the wedding and I stayed in Lagos to give birth because i was really heavy then. My father in-law has a maternity home which I delivered there but he was not the one that took care of my delivery.

My Father In-Law Is Trying Very Hard To Put Me To Bed.

Even before I delivered he was trying the same thing again with the pregnancy which I declined but couldn’t really take it no more. After our naming ceremony, my husband decided to go back to Abuja so that I can come later when my baby is strong. I gathered courage and woke him up at night and told him everything because I don’t know what his father might try again should he leave.

I regret ever telling him that day because he cried his eyes out with shame and disappointed on his father. He apologized and wasn’t happy that I didn’t tell him on time. I know he wouldn’t have made me give birth in Lagos. He got sick for some days because of it but never told anybody. I went to meet him when my baby was a month. Most of his family wasn’t happy about it but our reason is best known to us.

My Father In-Law Is Trying Very Hard To Put Me To Bed.

We try to avoid avoid him in all ways. Fast forward to now, I got pregnant again. My father in-law said I should come to Lagos again which we declined. My husband explained to his elder brother on the phone and his brother said he’s heard something like that before. One of their brothers girlfriend once complained about it which made her leave my brother in-law. Then, all of them in their family taught it was because he wasn’t financially bouyant. But he shared the reason with the same person my husband called and now they all believe it. Mind you, they are from a polygamous family but they are really united and they are all boys.

So my mother in-law came for ‘omugo’ when I put to bed my second child. My husband sat her down and explain everything to her. She trust the man too much and can vow with her life for hi . She wasn’t happy at all because hubby explain everything including the girlfriend that left one of them. I can see it all over her face and attitude she wasn’t happy at all.

My Father In-Law Is Trying Very Hard To Put Me To Bed.
My Father In-Law Is Trying Very Hard To Put Me To Bed.

She was supposed to go back for a wedding on Saturday but she didn’t. Said she’s not going yet which I knew was because of what she heard. She became more nice to me and started using more apology words in proverbs so I acted like a novice. Where I need advice now is what can we do to stop that man. And do you think what hubby did was the best thing? His mother is not looking too good any more and i don’t want to loose her now.

My father in-law is a well known man in Lagos. One of the high chief that leads for others to follow.

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