My Ex-boyfriend Wants Me Back But…

During the lockdown in 2020, I went to stay with my boyfriend at the time. My mum objected but I didn’t like home so I went to stay with him in his single room(self contain). I liked him so much and I was only 19 years then. Through that, I got pregnant and when I told him he said I should go and abort.

But I refused and because of that he sacked me home and denied the pregnancy. My mum informed my uncle about what happened my uncle got angry and followed me to his house. But when we got there, they said he had left the place and he was not staying there again. That was like just a week after he sacked me. He also blocked me everywhere.

Unfortunately I had a miscarriage and it really affected me but I was able to move on. So last month my friend invited me to this event and saw my ex and I didn’t even confront him.

My Ex-boyfriend Wants Me Back But…

I ignored him, but he came to me later to ask about the child and I didn’t answer him. He begged me saying he wants me and the child back because now he can take care of us.

I left the place because of that but he said he will come and look for me at my house. When I got home I cried so hard in the room because I wish I didn’t lose my child.

My Ex-boyfriend Wants Me Back But…
My Ex-boyfriend Wants Me Back But…

Now my ex is calling me all the time and he doesn’t know I lost the baby. I still love him despite all the pain he has caused me. I just don’t know what to do because he said he can take care of us now. Wondering if he has changed.

Please what should I do because I don’t know if I should trust him again or not.

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