My Brother Bought My Destiny And Has Refused To Pay For It.

I have really struggled to make ends meet in life. From travelling outside and within the shores of this country. First born of the family but nothing to show for, call it curse if you could but what hinders me is beyond me. I work like an elephant and eat like an ant and at a point I got tired.

Businesses I have ventured into with large capital often crumbles before I could say Jack!
Most recently I decided to work on my spiritual life and was told in churches that it’s my direct brother who happens to be the second son/child that’s been after my downfall. They explained things in parables at first before breaking it down for me to understand the fact that the worm that eats the leave is behind the leave. I couldn’t believe them or a thing because I so much cherish and love him beyond measures. I wouldn’t even think of any means to harm him but the best for his career and future so I went cold on this revelations and things didn’t improve but things were working well for him.

My Brother Bought My Destiny And Has Refused To Pay For It.

He’s established, married at a younger age and going stronger or maybe my doubts got the better of me.
A friend of mine happened to invite me over to her church for a programme and I was called out to see the man of God after service. He equally told me similar thing and quoted I don’t have much time left before things gets too tough for me. Bear in mind this is my fourth church with similar revelations. Then I decided enough was enough I’d rather go and confirm the other way round. I’m not a strong believer of churches. I went to see a very powerful baba and he laughed at my issue. He said the boy bought my destiny and made use of it seeing too well I’m greater than him.

He made use of black magic using a cat to terminate any good thing that comes my way. I’ll have to buy the same and more items he used to cause me setback and havoc. He let me know the consequences involved once I’m done(eg death and madness was for the enemy who did such). I still told him I don’t wish the person such but a reverse of what he did to me. The amount quoted for that was huge and the country’s current condition won’t allow one save enough. It’s been 2 months since the last revelation and nothing is working out for good. I certainly know overtaking is allowed but not on ones destiny that wasn’t yours in the first place. He did it to become richer and I to become poorer as the day breaks.

My Brother Bought My Destiny And Has Refused To Pay For It.
My Brother Bought My Destiny And Has Refused To Pay For It.

Ignorance is another disease that kills. Pondering on what to believe. I really need advice concerning this issue if it’s does really happens and what could the son of man do to get out of this mess. I have never wanted to see my failure to succeed related to spiritual stuffs but nothing works for me. Things get spoilt even before they begin. Though there’s more to this, I can’t tell it all.

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