My Boyfriend Of Almost A Year Is Bisexual.

My boyfriend is bisexual. He is into men more than women. I didn’t realize it until recently. He doesn’t really enjoy sex, has few female friends but more male friends and also enjoys their company even more than mine.

This is a guy that is 32 years of age ooo. He is the type that can talk of a handsome guy he met in town all day rather than a beautiful lady. I thought it was normal because any time I caution him, he would say men don’t normally show any form of love or care for themselves but always to ladies so he is just trying to be the type that loves his own.

He would answer a guy’s call as if he was a lady. We have been together for just nine months but from what I have seen I don’t think I can stay. I asked him some time ago why he loves me and his response was that his parents are forcing him to bring a lady home.

My Boyfriend Of Almost A Year Is Bisexual.
My Boyfriend Of Almost A Year Is Bisexual.

That was when I started wondering why he has to be forced to bring a lady home. So I started monitoring his chats, calls and places he goes. I didn’t use to care about his chat list because they were all guys. It made me trust him since I felt like he isn’t too much into ladies hence no fights.

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It’s funny but let me say it. When I finally had the chance to go through his chats with his so called male friends, it was really bad. My boyfriend is gay, worst of all he is bottom (he is the woman) and I am here forming “my man, my man”. This world no balance ‘Ampa’!. If you see him too you won’t know ooo. He doesn’t even look like it one bit. He is tall, muscular, very handsome, hardworking and has what it takes to be comfortable in life.

His physique alone turns me on. The way sometimes I want him to bang me paaa but he will refuse alone should have made me realize but he is a sweet talker. He would say, if he enjoys it all now, there will be nothing to enjoy in marriage meanwhile, he is even with me because of his parents.

My Boyfriend Of Almost A Year Is Bisexual.
My Boyfriend Of Almost A Year Is Bisexual.

He wants to marry me just to please his parents, leave me home and go for other men to f**k his ass. This guy is very foolish.
I don’t want to be judgmental but the reason why I am angry with him is because he wants to destroy me. Assuming I didn’t notice this and I went ahead to marry him. I am a beautiful lady.

Guys are all over me but I thought I have met my dream man. I have sent so many good guys away. If you are gay, just come out boldly to your parents. Why are you trying to cover up with me? The first time he took me to his parents was in November last year. The mother asked me if his son was active in bed and I responded yes when he hasn’t even touched me.

The whole nine months that we dated, we have only tried having sex twice. It was really boring. We failed the first time because he said his head was aching. The second time which was almost successful was as if I was forcing him to do something. I gave up and asked him to stop which he really did stop.

I want to report him to his parents so they get to know who their son is. I don’t think he is willing to make any woman in this world happy. He is gay, full time gay. He is not even bisexual because if he is, he would have banged me already. This guy is sexually active but not towards a woman. He sends nudes of himself, his ass especially to one Gabriel guy and another guy who is abroad.

My Boyfriend Of Almost A Year Is Bisexual.
My Boyfriend Of Almost A Year Is Bisexual.

He has multiple partners, he is even a cheat gay guy because he has more partners. He doesn’t qualify to be a bisexual. He is GAY.
What should I do, should I inform his parents or walk out as if we never met? I am scared he would find and waste another lady’s time because he really appears smart, handsome and attractive.

Ladies are dying to have him. He can have anyone fall for his nonsense anytime. Letting the world know is the best way to save my sisters out there from him. Please sir, should I go ahead and expose him? I have evidence, everything it will take to prove that I am saying the truth.

My Boyfriend Of Almost A Year Is Bisexual.
My Boyfriend Of Almost A Year Is Bisexual.

Author’s Advise: Her quest to save her gender should not be a top priority. I think she should just leave and let the guy be. He chose to be Bisexual and no one can change it. This isn’t her battle, what do you also think? Like and share to get other people to share the opinions on this please.

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