My Boyfriend Is Not Angry That I Have Another Boyfriend.

I have been with my boyfriend for some months now. Some time ago, I was given an information that he has a girlfriend who usually comes to the house to do chores for him. He has never invited me to come and do anything for him. Also, he lives in the same house my with my friend but he never knew.

Although, he hardly invites me to his place, he often comes visiting me at my place.
To cut everything short, there was a time I met this girl I am talking about going to my boyfriend’s house. I got so angry and called my boyfriend but he didn’t really give me the chance to express my anger then he asked for a break-up. I was surprised, he has asked severally that we break up for petty reasons as such and I have to always apologise before we become cool again.

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Looking at how things were going, I allowed myself to start dating another guy in order to secure my heart against any future heartbreaks.
Unfortunately, he visited me unannounced just last week and met my new boyfriend who has also come visiting for the first time. I was in trouble somehow! He left without uttering a word. I tried to reach him several times but he wasn’t responding.

My Boyfriend Is Not Angry That I Have Another Boyfriend.
My Boyfriend Is Not Angry That I Have Another Boyfriend.

He called the next day and after a long plea I had the chance to apologise to him again. He gave me two options, First is that, I have to admit I am dating both him and the other guy or we end the relationship, secondly. He further said I should let him know whenever the other guy is visiting to avoid any clash. I was shocked in a way I asked myself if I was safe!

I didn’t want to lose him so I accepted the fact that I am dating them both and we are cool now.
I doubt he truly loves me because I don’t know why he is okay with me being with two of them. Please, do you think this guy really loves me?

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